Monday, October 29, 2007

Go tell it under the mountain

Number of missed flights: 1
Number of missing rental car employees, causing above missed flight: 1
Number of heavy bags carried across entire airport: 3
Number of options open to me: 1
Number of hours driving today: 12
Number of states traveled through: 4
Number of miles driven: Approx. 999
Number of mountains driven under: 4
Number of scary big river bridges driven over: 20
Number of caffeinated beverages consumed in 12 hours: 8
Number of potty breaks: 5
Number of semis passed at speeds of over 80 mph: 237
Number of tears shed during 12 hour drive: 1 million
Number of times desire to drive off road into oncoming traffic appeared: 50
Number of pictures to go with this post: 0
The price I had to pay to get home.


LauraHinNJ said...

What the???

Oh Susan. I hope the trip to Cape May was worth all your troubles.

What happened?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor girl. Must have been a bummer of a trip homeward. Glad you made it safely.

mon@rch said...

Only drove 999 miles? Susan, I am soo sorry about missing your flight!!

Mary said...

Susan! Whaaat? What happened? You could not get another flight?

DK & The Fluffies said...

Number of hugs for Susan = one million!

KatDoc said...

Dear Susan,

Sounds like a drag - what happened??

So glad you are home safely. Once you unpack and soak in a warm bath and get some sleep, you must tell us all about it.

~Kathi, wishing I could have helped you drive home

PS: 8 caffeinated drinks and only 5 potty breaks? You must have the capacity of a camel.

Patrick Belardo said...

You should have worn one of those astronaut diapers! So sorry to hear about your awful experience.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Well, that's a stinky way to end a fun trip. I'm so sorry! :(

Trixie said...

I'm with Patrick!

Poor thing. I am curious to hear what happened. I hope you sleep well in your own bed, family all around.

Mary said...

I hope Patrick made you laugh! I did!

Susan said...

Susan-I'm so sorry to read about your travel troubles and anxious to hear more of the story. What a lousy ending for a fun trip!

Susan Gets Native said...

Explanation: The rental car place's employee told me someone would be there by 6 am to drive me over to the terminal. The place was completely dark and closed up, so I had to drag my three bags all the way across the airport and missed my plane by 5 minutes.

dguzman said...

Oh no! Sheesh. I got lost a couple of times on my way home, but I only added about an hour and a half to my trip. Your trip sounds like a nightmare. So much for "We'll pick you up" eh?

I was going to do a Cape May by the numbers, but my numbers were going to be like "Lifers: 30, Beers: 2" -- not tears and such! I'm sorry, man....

Q said...

Oh Susan,
Glad you made it home!
Such a hard drive to make by yourself. You did well. Home all safe and sound. Photos soon of wonderful Cape May?
Hope you get to rest.

NatureWoman said...

OMG Susan, I would be mad, too. I'm so sorry you had to drive all of the way home. I wish I could have helped you.

Amy said...

Cripes. That stinks. My condolences, Susan. Did you at least have good tunes for most of the drive, and will you post the letter that you're going to send to the rental car company? ;)

birdchick said...

Please tell me that the rental car company gave you a free car or a car at a VERY good discount?

I had some troubles getting my rental car when coming to Cape May from New York. I'm so sorry that happened!