Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New glasses

Sunday was a family togetherness day (no work for Geoff, no programs for me) and we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center.
A favorite of mine is the "Cave". It's a fabricated cave system inside the museum, complete with waterfalls and stalactites/stalagmites.

In the cave room
You have to cross a pool of water to get through this room. It's so fun!
IN front of a big dead fish
The Natural History area is the best. I like to see the remains of giant prehistoric fish, the specimen of our lost passenger pigeon, the display of trilobites...There's also a fabricated glacier that is in the middle of the big warm-up, with streams of cold water flowing down the trail beside you and along the way are moose, wolves, humongous beavers...

So little has been happening, it's hard to think of anything witty...
I am going birding tomorrow, all by my lonesome! Haven't decided where yet. Just about any spot is pretty decent right now. You never know what could fly through.

Speaking of birds, guess who like Zick Dough?

Euro and his Zick dough
Euro, our Eurasian Collared Dove, jumped INTO his food bowl to get to the mound of dough I tossed in. He approves. He approves so much I thought he was going to choke himself.
I love the look on his face. For some reason, I always think of him having a French accent.

Today, I took Isabelle for her yearly eye exam, and she did very well. She has been going to this doctor since she was 4 weeks old, so it's all old hat to her. Click here to read the whole story.
Her prescription needed to be increased, just a bit (this is the first time it hasn't stayed the same) and her old pair of glasses broke in her hand just as we were leaving the office. Good timing. We went to the local Lenscrafter's and now she has a new pair...she picked them out herself. On the way home, she was marveling at how nice they were, and she said:
"Oh, Mommy! I can see everything so clear! Thank you for getting me new glasses!"
Now I ask ya, what kid says that?
When did Isabelle become a teenager
Wait a damn minute. When did Isabelle become a teenager?????


mon@rch said...

such a polite young lady for thanking you for those glasses! Also looks like you guys had a wonderful trip!

Liza Lee Miller said...

She's beautiful in her new glasses. You think she's a teenager now . . . just wait until she's 9 and starts dancing around the house to the iPod she bought with her own money. Sigh. (Don't worry . . . it's a used iPod shuffle but still . . . ) I've heard people say they grow up fast and . . . they do.

Trixie said...

That is indeed a lovely young lady peering out with spiffy new glasses. Well chosen Miss Isabelle!

Enjoy your day of birding. I am jealous.

Mary said...

Isabelle looks beautiful with her new eyeglasses! She's growing up before your (our) eyes.

Family field trips are so much fun. Our favorite field trip was at the National Aquarium in Baltimore or ice skating in the Inner Harbor (I didn't skate - I watched).

NatureWoman said...

Glad you got to have a family outing. I *love* the photo of you and your daughters!! And it is so cool of Isabelle to thank you for the glasses!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Susan, your 2006 post about Isabelle's dermoid tumor brought vividly back a moment when I had to hold Liam while they gave him anaesthetic--to insert tubes in his poor tortured ears--when he was 21 months old and still nursing. I passed out when his eyes closed and he went limp. It was utterly primal. I knew he'd go to sleep, but my primitive brain told me he was dead. I couldn't handle it. They had to take him from me and lay me down on the floor. It must be fairly common, because the nurse and doctor kept asking, "Mom, you OK?" as they hooked him up.
She is beautiful and Liam thinks so!