Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Great Outdoor Weekend

Did you get outside today? Well, if not, there's still one more day left of the Great Outdoor Weekend. I spent today at the Cincinnati Nature Center, where we do a RAPTOR presentation every year on this weekend.

Scarlet rests in the leaves
Scarlet, our ever-so-gentle (not!) red-tailed hawk. She is a bit jumpy, since I don't use her often enough. But I handled her today and felt more comfortable around her than I usually do. You know what helps? (Other than Marc making fun of me) I think of little Mona Rutger holding a 14 pound bald eagle. So what is the big deal about holding a 4 pound RT?

AK and Marc
Marc not only came to help out, he also brought all the birds for me!
(This is Marc holding the male kestrel)
Give me a fresh dead rat and no one gets hurt
"Hand over a fresh dead rat and no one gets hurt."

You bore me, human
"Human, you BORE me."
Check out those nictating membranes!

Oh, I am so proud of this one. I pulled a "Birdchick" move:
Laying down in front of a bird about to be released and got a great picture!
(I was probably laying in deer poop, but I bit the bullet for my blog. Aren't you glad?)
Kestrel release 092907 Red Barn
With larger birds, it's usually a good idea to give them a little toss to help them get going. With the little guys, they pretty much do it all themselves. This was the first of three kestrels released today at our RAPTOR annual picnic at our new facility.
I'm ready to go, too!
Kestrel #3..."I'm ready to go, too!"
Look!  The loft is haunted!
I wonder if the barn is haunted...see all the orbs?
Well, really it was the dust that the girls (my girls and Jeff's girls, a fellow RAPTORite) were stomping out of the rafters. But it makes for a weird image, no?
Please check out the new link at RAPTOR's can ADOPT a banded bird!


Anonymous said...


It is always fun to catch your act. Sorry you didn't have Isis with you today; I would love to meet her. I was glad to see the gray phase Eastern Screech Owl is getting some feathers back.

Way to go for taking one for the team!Laying in deer poop for a good photo gets you the Birdchick Award for sure.

Blog at you you next week!

~Kathi, who is too keyed up from the wedding to sleep

NatureWoman said...

Oh, um, I didn't know it was 'The Great Outdoor Weekend.' I try to get outdoors every weekend anyway! Oh, great 'Birdchick' move, Susan, that photo is awesome! Hope you didn't get too much scat on you. I love the photo of the little girls and 'orbs'!

Mary said...

"Hand over a fresh dead rat and no one gets hurt."

You crack me up.

Trixie said...

Taking one for the team. Yup, that is getting native. Nice scat in your hair. You must have been spending time at my place, since I cannot seem to talk about my yard without somehow getting a picture of poop in there.

Sorry I couldn't be there. I hope you are having fun.

mon@rch said...

Love that release shot for sure! BRAVO! Great weekend you had!