Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing is sadder than a true effort to be funny that totally bombs

I like to think that I have a healthy sense of humor. I get innuendo. I appreciate irony.
I even like to push the boundaries a little.
But some people shoot for funny, and completely miss the tree.

Seen on the back of a car today:

I'm only speeding...

I had to take a picture of it, because I don't think anyone would have believed me. And you know, it might have actually been funny, if they had omitted the graphic. And no, she was not speeding. I guess she was empty.

I have another quiz for y'all. These are tracks I saw today. The only hint I will give is that the animal is aquatic. My aim here is to stump even the Chimp.

Mystery tracks

When I found the "Proposal" picture, I also found a few of our wedding pictures. Here's my favorite, just me and my handsome groomsmen:

Groomsmen and me Sept 9 2000

From left to right:
Rich Welch, longtime friend of Geoff's
Kevin, Younger Son of Swami
Steve, my long-haired freak of a brother
Brian Kiefer, college friend of Geoff's (Possibly the sweetest guy ever...and he's single, ladies!)
Mike Johnson, lifelong friend of Geoff's

Check out my bouquet! Isn't that just awesome? It was comprised of yellow spider mums, hot pink gerber daisies, pink, peach and bluebell roses, tiny blue and purple irises, and hardly any greenery. (And it weighed a freakin' ton)
My Dad took some great close-up pictures of the "practice" bouquet (yes, the florist made me one so I could decide, then made me a whole new one for the wedding)...I guess that will be the next set of pictures I go hunting for. I had gone to the florist thinking that I wanted a bouquet made entirely of vivid blue Hydrangeas or something, but he showed me such lovely combinations that I changed my mind. His idea was to create jewel tones. And boy, did he deliver. When you want flowers done right, you gotta go to the 'mo. I loves me some 'mo.


Dave said...

You were a gorgeous bride. Geoff's a lucky guy even though you dress like a janitor sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like there are two possiblities. If it is a single paw/hoof print, it must be a drunken yak with hoof and mouth disease. Or, how about the trail of and equally drunken caterpillar who has lost her way.


Mary said...

I agree with your humor assessment, Susan. The pile of poop ruined it. It's a riot without it.

My goodness, you are a knock-out bride! And the bouget is very untraditional, just like you! Love it.

Patrick Belardo said...

Snail prints? I dunno.

I've seen that sticker before and it got a chuckle out of me. But that was only because my brother actually got out of a ticket using that excuse once (and he wasn't lying to the cop!). My favorite non-PC bumper sticker was "Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an a-hole."

NatureWoman said...

I wonder if a policeman would buy the poop story!
You're a beautiful bride, and I love your bouquet! Your groomsmen are handsome, too, but what guy doesn't look good in a tux, huh?
I have no clue on the aquatic footprint. Hmmm, a relative of the Lochness monster? Just kidding, of course.

Julie Zickefoose said...

No frickin' clue.
Sign me,
Science Chimp