Saturday, August 25, 2007

A day in Indiana

***This would have been posted last night, but we lost power for no good reason***

Going to visit my Mom at the old homestead is alway both wonderful and bittersweet. My Mom is a joy to be with, but around every corner is the ghost of my Dad. And I still get pissed that he isn't here.


In the front yard are ancient pines, twice as tall as the house.

A big ol mess of ants

Some ants were having a feast on the front patio.

Dry pond

The old pond, that has been here since the house was built in the 40's, is bone-dry. I haven't seen it dry...ever. My feet have touched every inch of the 14-acre property, but I had never been to the middle of the pond. I walked all the way out to it today. It was actually physically distressing.

The pipe we have no idea about

We have never been able to figure out what the purpose of this pipe sticks out of the water right in the middle of the pond, and examining it today gave no clues. A really old filling pipe? Don't know...but the pond has never been more than a few feet deep. It was used to water cattle way back in the day. But it's dry. That actually hurt me.

The attic window

Whoever built the house put a very cool stained glass window in the attic. My room was attached to the storage portion of the attic, separated by a small door that looked as if dwarves could use it. It gave me more than a few nightmares.

Mom's fluffy grass

Mom has very fluffy grass growing at the back corner of the house.

Strange drops of liquid that fell from the sky

While we were there, strange liquid fell from the sky and splattered on the driveway. I took a picture in case this strange phenomenon never happens again.


We took pity on the local deer family and fed and watered them.

Mom and Isabelle watching the deer

Mom and Isabelle watched from the kitchen. I just noticed that they have the same hair style.

Mom and Lorelei

My brother Steve stopped in for half a minute (he lives next door) and for some reason, Lorelei is uber-shy around him. Here she is crying into Mom's arms. I think that since the girls don't see him very often, they get shy when he is around. He's also scary-looking.
: )

Look alive!

For Lynne:
A vulture! Look alive!

Hummer tocks

Hummingbird 'tocks. I have been checking out Cute Overload and have picked up some of the lingo.
And to end this post with something cute (this post was sort of sour, and I didn't mean for it to be), I leave you with a picture my lovely cousin Cathy sent tonight.
This is my aunt Weez, Cathy and me, probably back in the late 80's, considering how
big my hair is.

Jeez...Thanks, Cath.


Lynne said...

WOW!! That's some BIG hair there Susan! (and kinda blondish?) Isabelle has your eyes but I sure think Lorelei looks just like you.
Thanks for the TV fix!

Trixie said...

That hair defies gravity. Holy moly!

My dad's folks in West Virginia had a little storage door at the top of the stair case. I was petrified to walk by that door. I never thought of dwarves, though.

Cathy said...

Oh, honey - I so understand that feeling about a father's absence. My dad's been gone 16 years and only in the last few have I walked through that front door and not been blind-sided by his absence.

There was an attic door in my bedroom - oh yea - I know that nightmare business :0)

I share your distress about the pond. Poor creatures - good of you to nurture them.

NatureWoman said...

Oh yeah, gotta love that big hair from the 80's! I had it, too.
What the heck, I was hoping to get over the crappy feeling I get when visiting my Mom that my Dad doesn't come down to greet me.
I *love* the hummingbird 'tocks!!! LOL!!

Dave said...

I was going to pick on you about the big hair but everyone beat me to it. Nice typewritter also. :)