Friday, July 13, 2007

A very colorful Friday the Thirteenth

Lots of color today...I would really like to see some cool birds, though.

I saw purple:
Two skippers
(Skippers on bee balm, Lake Isabella)
Bachelors button I think
(Bachelor's Button at home)
Inchworm on Chickory
(Inchworm on chickory)

Blushing Queen
Did you know that before she is a Queen, Anne blushes?

Orange, brown and green...with a touch of more pink:
Clearwing moth and bee balm
(Clearwing moth on bee balm, Lake Isabella)
Sycamore tussock moth
(Sycamore tussock moth, Lake Isabella)

(Look how Lorelei is trying to keep her dress out of the it's anywhere near it!)



And touches of yellow:

Swallowtail remains
(Remains of a swallowtail)

Sunflower success
(Our sunflowers in the back yard...see that window? That's our second story bathroom.
We don't consider the sunflowers a success unless we can see them out of that window)


Mary said...

Oh, Susan. You made my shoulders droop and relax. A monarch! I love the purples and those sunflowers! I'm letting the sunflower seeds do their thing here.

The girls in the lake - priceless.

Trixie said...

Your sunflowers are enormous! And Vivi did just that same thing with her shorts last year in Cordova. I think the river was at her ankles.

Chris said...

Hi, I have followed the link from Mary's View and have really enjoyed looking through your blog :-) Great pics, and the inchworm! I have never seen one but it reminded me of a song about measuring marigolds (I'm sure I haven't dreamt this) and now I can't get it out of my head :-) Congratulations on the book, I hope its a huge success :-)

Lynne said...

Susan- you really see the details in the big picture. I love that about you. The super sunflower is amazing! Do you really always get them to grow that tall?

I was going to leave a snarky comment about how you're always TALKING about INSECTS and when I scrolled down your word verification was spidgab!

NatureWoman said...

Love the different colors you found! And I remember your huge sunflowers from last year - glad you have them again this year!

Q said...

Bugs and blooms!
I love them all.
Birds too!
Inch worm is so cute.
The goldfinches love the sunflowers.

mon@rch said...

without a doubt you had a colorful friday the 13th! No doubt the monarch is my faved butterfly you photographed!