Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some cool book came out today. Maybe you have heard of it? Oh...and a picture of a bird.

The day has finally come, after years of dreaming, planning, writing, waiting...
C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race is now on the shelves in bookstores.
We met Swami, Swamette, Kevin, Rachel, my Mom and Ramona (a friend of hers) at Red Robin right next to the big Barne's & Noble's.
Geoff signed Ramona's copy that she had bought earlier today.
Signing Ramona's book

A very good wrap
Red Robin has very good wraps...I had a Chicken Caesar Spinach Wrap, which I actually liked. (People who know me IRL know that I don't go for green food usually)
After dinner, we all walked over the the B&N, and there it was:

There it is!

The author and his brainchild
Author and his brainchild

Back, inside cover
There it is! It's real and everything.
Isabelle kicks back with a good book
Isabelle occupied herself with a huge book about the ocean.
(She wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up)

We caused quite a ruckus in the store...
Mom hamming
My Mom, who is as much of a HAM as I am, acted like she had just discovered the book and made a huge fuss about it. It was hilarious.
Geoff looked like he wanted to crawl under the floor, he was so embarrassed.
Too bad, Baby-cakes. We're proud and we're loud.

Looking at Daddy's book
Lorelei loves to look inside the back cover and find "Daddy's" picture.

She's a HAM, too.
The apple never fell off the tree, know what I mean?

After that, it was over to Coldstone Creamery. I had never had it before. How have I lived for 34 years and NOT had this? It was delicious. Pretty much ruined my healthy choice of a spinach wrap from dinner.

So, if you read this blog and haven't bought Geoff's book yet, here's a link to it on Amazon, but you can also just get in your car and go to a store.
Hey. I'm married to a real author!
I just listened to Geoff do a radio interview on a station in Albuquerque, NM...he did a fantastic job. Made me want to go buy a book.

So now, it's all about checking the sales ranking on Amazon, doing book signings, preparing for greatness.
You did it, Geoff!!!!!!! I love you very, very much.

And since this is supposed to be a birding blog of sorts, here's a picture of a bird who came to the feeders today:
Huh. An Eastern Towhee. I was amazed when I saw it, because I have never, ever seen one here in the summer. We only get them in the winter. I was more amazed to see in my Birds of Ohio that they are here year-round, so there's probably at least one nesting pair nearby. Huh.


beth said...

Congratulations! I can't even imagine how proud you must be, but the pics and the descriptions give me a good idea. Three cheers for Geoff!

LauraHinNJ said...

Yaaay! Congrats to you all! I've been working on a list of people I can buy the book for.. so far I'm only up to 584.


What happened to your Cape May ticker? Chickening out?

Susan Gets Native said...

We are all jumping around like our pants are on fire over here!

Har. No, I didn't chicken out...just wanted to remove for a while It feels like it's forever til October.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence that you and I each went to a bookstore yesterday.

When I stopped by a local bookstore yesterday evening I saw a famous author and his posse(made up mainly of hot women and a couple of male hangers-on).


nina said...

Congrats on the book--maybe you should recommend it to your local public library? :-)
The towhee? Hear it a LOT--even now, but see it mostly in winter, too.

KatDoc said...

Congratulations on the book coming out! "The future's so bright, you'll have to wear shades..."

Towhees? Thick as thieves on Lookout Trail at CNC, though heard more often than seen.


Liza Lee Miller said...


Love the visit to the bookstore and the loud hams. Sounds like MY family.

Mary said...

Way to go, Geoff! Congratulations to all of you.

Lynne said...

It must be so cool for Geoff to hold all of that hard work as a finished product in his hands.


Dave said...

Congrads Geoff. I just ordered a copy online. Will you get Geoff to autograph it for me when you all come to Alaska?

NatureWoman said...

Congratulations Geoff!!! Yay!!! That is awesome! Can't wait to get mine from Amazon. Ohhh, that dessert looks yummy!
Eastern Towhee - very cool Susan!

The Swami said...

Oh my. All true Americans should visit The Swami's blog today.

mon@rch said...

O my goodness, Congrats to Geoff and your family! It has to be soo wonderful to find these being sold at B&N!! Sorry about mom, we all have one of them that is a ham when they want to be!

Mary said...

Did you put out the fire on your pants, yet? I sure hope so. I will order Geoff's book. Michael will like it and maybe I will, too!

Congrats, again :o)

desiderio said...

No speak ingles. Sorry.
Congratulations, i like your blog.

ABQ-B-Fly Guy said...

CONGRATS on your husbands book release! I love the picture of it sitting on the shelf in the B & N. What ABQ station was he interviewed on? How interesting is that! I'll get a copy in the next few days.