Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Starring Susan....

It's not often that I get pictures of myself during programs.
One woman scheduled three different programs with me (Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Home-Schoolers) so I have been seeing a lot of her lately. Tonight, she gave me a CD of pictures from last week's Girl Scout camp:

I was standing in a sea of cute Girl Scouts.
"You just pooped on my shoe."
I love Lucy.
People ask me all the time, "Do the birds love you?"
I have to say no...I think they tolerate us. They trust us this much, but that's where it ends.
If I didn't do the "RAPTOR" thing, I would love to get into falconry. Peregrines are absolutely fascinating.
Education time:
If you fly falcons, you are a "falconer".
If you fly hawks, you are a "austringer".

The Book of St. Albans provides the hierarchy of who could fly what (the spellings are not mine):
1) Emperor: The Eagle and Merloun
2) King: The Ger Falcon and the Tercel of the Ger Falcon
3) Prince: The Falcon Gentle and the Tercel Gentle
4) Duke: The Falcon of the Loch
5) Earl: The Falcon Peregrine
6) Baron: The Busard (Could mean "buzzard' or "bastard hawk")
7) Knight: The Sacre and the Sacret
8) Esquire: The Lanere and the Laneret
9) Lady: The Marlyon (They mean "merlin")
10) Young Man: The Hobby
11) Yeoman: The Goshawk
12) Poor Man: The Jercel (might be slang for "no hawk", since a poor man couldn't afford one)
13) Priest: The Sparrowhawk
14) Holy Water Clerk: The Musket
15) Knave or Servant: The Kestrel

And now you know.
Elvis...good ol' Elvis. One wing works, the other one not so much.
(Showing why they are called BARRED owls.)
And some more attitude.
And here he is giving me attitude again.
Barred owls have such a human face, don't they? And he works it like a diva.
He is getting to be a favorite of mine. He looks huge, doesn't he? Well, it's all feathers.
And attitude.


Trixie said...

Susan, you and Elvis look like quite the team.

Has it cooled down for you?

Lynne said...

Those are awesome pictures of you working the birds! It's fun to see you in action. You look very comfortable and confident.

Jayne said...

Would have loved to be in the sea of girls watching and learning!

Body Soul Spirit said...

You sure have the attention of your audience! It is good that your birds are not overly affectionate and have maintained some of their wild attitude. You wouldn't want people to think they were pets!

Mary said...

What's the next best thing to seeing Susan perform? Being there in the audience, of course.

Wow, Susan.

mon@rch said...

I just love seeing the word be spread about conservation of these birds! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing! We need many more great people like yourself!!

BTW: What do you call a person who flies airplanes a "gashawkoner? or how about gasaustringer?"?

NatureWoman said...

It's great to see you action again Susan! I would love to see you in person!

nina said...

He already is my favorite! :-)