Sunday, June 10, 2007

A quick little pick-me-up

I had a rescue pick up's been awhile!
A kestrel from way out in Adams County. If you don't know the Cincinnati area: It's like driving to the moon. But the nice lady met me more than half-way, and for that I am grateful.
Turns out that they have called us about another kestrel on their property, and this is the nest-mate of that one. They assumed that since it didn't fly away, it had a broken wing.
But if it's just a fledgling, sometimes they just need a little more time.
This one is a female, with just a few downy feathers on her head.
And she was quite lively...she got away from me for a minute in the parking lot where I picked her up. She looks just like a fledgling does....fluttery wing beats and able to do the run/pretend-to-fly thing.

imm kestrel
I took her to Melinda, of Blastin' for Hawks fame.

Checking the wing
The wing doesn't seem to be broken (birds have wing bones that are just like our arm bones...radius, ulna, humerus) and there were no lumps, swelling or blood.

Don't touch me!
Her mouth was a bit dry, so Melinda is going to soak a few cut-up mouse pieces and feed her.
If she just needs a little time, she may be placed back in the nest, where her parents are waiting.
Wee little kestrel feet
There was a small amount of old blood on her feet and talons, so she may have been feeding herself.
Now, this bird may not have needed our help. But we are still thrilled when people care enough to want to assist a bird.
Melinda's vulture sculpture
Melinda has soem very cool yard art...
This is a vulture sculpture. I know of someone who probably needs one of these.
And the best is that when the wind blows, the head nods up and down.
Melinda's owl art
This is made from an old fuel tank!
It's about 3 feet tall.
I want one.

And since my style seems to be slightly disjointed, non sequiter, awkward segue-esque,
here's Swami's Magic Mist Lamp:
Whoooaaaa, man....trippy.....
I guess he uses it to eavesdrop on the yaks?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, the last photo reminds me of Zak the Yak foaming at the mouth.


mon@rch said...

I am soo glad that you were able to point this bird in the right direction! Shouldn't be too long before its picking off insects, etc.. right and left!

Mary said...

The kestral is small but mighty! Boy, were you getting the evil-eye.

Mary said...

Love the new look!

NatureWoman said...

Oh that Kestrel is lucky to have you to help out! Hopefully it will be okay!
I love the bird art. And cool magic mist lamp Swami.

nina said...

Hey, am I in the right place?--something looks different! (I like it!)
And I like your sharing the raptor stuff--not too many people are handling those up close and personal!

beth said...

That owl is cool.

What, pray tell, does Swami do with that Magic Mist Lamp?

Lynne said...

OOOooh! I need me one of those head-bobby turkey viltures!!