Friday, June 08, 2007

Freaky, froggy, inFlammed Friday

I'm itchy.

Let's take a tally of the rash so far...
1. Top of right foot.
2. Side of left ankle.
3. Top of right hand.
4. Underside of right forearm
5. Small of back (WTF?)
6. Left side of face (!)
*And I was CAREFUL!*
It's not to the grody, fluid-filled blister stage yet. Just itchy for a minute, then it's quiet.
I am rather distressed that it's ON MY FACE.
Next time, I think it's someone else's turn to fall on their sword.

Random pics from today:
Isabelle's pill bug
We took a very quick nature walk at Camp Dennison after a raunchy-horrible thunderstorm. (Our TV is fried, and Geoff has no Internet access...lightening hit very close, if not right on the house...I smelled something burnt).
Lots of birds in the trees, but damn if I could have had a minute of zero "I Wanna Go Home's" and "Babble Babble Babble's".
But Isabelle found a pill bug, and so at least she was happy.

Is this for me
They are NOT cute.
We have like, a posse of young ones in the yard. One of them is either learning-impaired, or just braver than the others, because we can walk out of the house and he just sits there.
"NO, you vermin! That Zick dough was NOT made for you!!!"

On the nature walk...a very nasty locust tree, complete with daggers.

Come and get it, waxwings!
Our cedars are full of cute little blue yummies. I am impatiently waiting for the waxwings.

Red caterpillar
Another find on the nature walk. A sweet red caterpillar, feasting on either wild blackberry or raspberry.

I make a habit of going outside every night, just as the sun has gone to bed. I look at the front of the house, searching for our amorous tree frogs.
Tonight, he or she was right above our light, on Lorelei's shutter.
Enlarge the photo. This is a seriously gorgeous amphibian.
One sexy frog
(Imagine the tune "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred)


Trixie said...

Daggers, indeed! YIKES! When will your waxwings arrive? We are going to go camping along the Denali highway to get a good look at the boho waxwings up here.

I love the drive to Camp Dennison. I've never checked it out, though.

mon@rch said...

I would love to find those little tree frogs outside each evening! Also thought your squirrel shot was cute! You mean you don't make zick dough for the local mammals? Awww, poor little things!

Mary Carlson said...

Hi Susan - oh your poison ivy story reminds me of the last time I had to deal with it. I was so careful while on the trail, but we had taken our little dog (miniature poodle) with us, and he got into the poison oak. And guess who carried the dog afterwards not realizing that the poison on the dog would not affect him but would transfer to human skin. I remember getting it on my face. That was the pits. I was attending classes at the local community college and refused to go to class the first few days because I thought I looked so disfigured. I never knew locust trees "grew" daggers! Those really look nasty. Don't you just love those pesky little squirrels? They're so cute! Until they get into things you don't want them getting into. Squirrels around here like to dig up my bulbs in pots. How rude!! Loved your caterpillar and tree frog pix.

Mary said...

We were in the same line of storms, Susan. Around 7pm last night it dumped an inch of rain in 30 minutes and knocked out our phone, internet, TV for a few hours, but we had power.

Sorry about that PI - hope is doesn't get any worse.

Waxwings are always on the go, aren't they? I hope they stop by your house for some yummies.

NatureWoman said...

Hmmm, I know I left a comment earlier, but it's not here. I sooo hope you don't get the blisters Susan. And I feel really bad you have it on your face.
Oh, I love the song "I'm Too Sexy" especially where he says "I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt. . ." mmmmmmm.
And yeah, that is one sexy tree frog!