Sunday, May 06, 2007


Nothing of interest happened to me today, unless you count the vomiting.
We were on our way to Swami's, a few minutes from our house, and I said to Geoff, "I feel like I am going to be sick."
He took me home, I laid down, got back up, got sick, then collapsed on the couch for the remainder of the day.

I was later able to take a quick nest inventory of the yard:
Wrens: All have fledged.
Chickadees: At least two bright yellow gapes seen in the nest box.
Tree Swallows vs. Purple Martins: Looks like the TRES have won the nest site. Damn.
Bluebirds: Haven't seen even ONE since winter.
Frogs: One very loud amphibian has been calling from the area around the fountain. I need to look up frog calls. Last year we had bull frogs.
I hope someone had a more exciting day than I did...


Mary said...

Oh, gosh, Susan. Stay on the sofa. I thought my weekend was bad with the cold rain but at least I wasn't barfing.

Hang in there, kiddo. Tomorrow is another day.

Trixie said...

Oh man, Susan, that stinks! Shoot, honey, drink your fluids.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh! Poor you! Glad you got some warning though -- hope you feel right as rain tomorrow!

Congrats on the nests. That rocks!

katdoc said...

Sorry you were sick - hope you feel better soon. A good bluebird sighting would cure what ails you, but mine have all fledged, so I can't share. Maybe we can bird CNC together soon. I will trade you a bluebird for your Swainson's Thrush - it has been too long since I saw one.

I agree about most of your ID's: Northern Waterthrush, Palm Warbler, bunting, thrush, but I think your vireo is the Blue-headed (formerly Solitary) and not Warbling. Did you hear it sing? The Warbling's song is long and bouncing (La-da-DAH-da, La-da-DAH-da, La-da-DAH-da, La-da-DUH.) Some people use the phrase "First I'll SEE you, then I'll SEIZE you, then I'll SQUEEZE you till you SQUIRT!" (as if it is talking to a caterpillar.) The Blue-headed's is like a slow Red-eyed Vireo's, only sweeter: two notes, then a pause, then two notes. (This is hard to type - I could *sing* it to you...)

Sorry about your martins; I think I have the same trouble here. When I left the Tree Swallows and Purple Marints were coexisting, but when I returned, I had Tree Swallow nests in 2 martin gourds and what I think are starling nests in the other two. Sigh.


katdoc said...

Forgot about your phoebe v. pewee v. Empid. question. I can't tell Eastern Wood-pewees from Empid flycatchers without behavior and/or song. It is OK to just write "Empid flycatcher" on
your trip list, everyone understands. Of course, for a Life List, you want to be able to make an accurate ID, but it is OK to let a bird go sometimes. Definitely not a Phoebe (Don't they have red hair?)


Lynne said...

Awww, honey- feel better. If I were there I'd bring you juice and a cold cloth for your head. :(

DK & The Fluffies said...

I did! I saw my first Warbler!

mon@rch said...

aww susan! Hope you feel better quickly!