Thursday, May 24, 2007

Too tired to type, too pooped to post, too wiped out to write, too blah to blog

I am too tired tonight to be long-winded.
I did three programs today: Two at a school on the west side of town, and then one later in the afternoon on the east side of town, with just enough time to drive between them.
Total miles today: 180.

So, before I go up and hang out with my husband, I leave you with these pictures from earlier in the week:

Squirrel in feeder1
Remember me saying that our squirrels were amusing?
We are not amused anymore.
The reason this homemade feeder is up, is because the squirrels destroyed the real one.
(It's a milk jug and a chopstick)
These must be young squirrels, because they are small and stupid.
mockingbird and squirrel
This one needs a caption.
Imagine what is going through the mockingbird's mind?
Nellie relaxed
There's a lot going on in this picture.
I was on our couch, on the laptop minding my own business.
First, Queen jumped into my lap.
Then Nellie laid down on my feet.
Then Isabelle wanted to see what I was doing.
Then Lorelei wanted to just lay down.
Look at how relaxed Nellie is.
If we laid around like that, we would be made fun of.
"Night, everyone.


Mary said...

GOOD NIGHT, POOPED SUSAN! I am laughing - on my way to bed! I wish I was a dog sometimes...

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Hi, Susan,

Re your squirrel problem; I've had a pop-bottle feeder similar to yours for almost a decade now, with no trouble with the squirrels.

The trick is to make the slot where seeds are extracted quite small, and to keep the perch no more than a couple of inches long. Enough for the birds, but for all their trying, no squirrel has been able to do more than make a flying leap, touch the bottle and fall to the ground.

You can see my bottle, and the instructions, here.

Try it; it works!

NatureWoman said...

Nellie or any dog or cat lying around like that makes me want to rub her tummy!