Saturday, May 26, 2007

A day at Casa Kathi

Kathi (that lurking commenter we all know as KatDoc) invited the girls and me over for the day.
She has been over here with her dogs, and today she returned the hospitality.
The girls were so excited to go to her house when I told them all the neat nature stuff we would be seeing. Isabelle could hardly go to sleep last night, she was so jazzed.
And I am jealous of Kathi's yard.

Some of Kathi's purple martins
I am jealous of her purple martins,
Kathi's gourds
...and her multitude of gourds,
Skye and Dolly
...and her horses (Check out those patterns, Julie!),
Kathi and Isabelle watch the horses
(Isabelle was scared yet fascinated by them)
Kathi's kingbird
...her resident kingbird,
Kathi's TRES chicks
...her new TRES chicks (our TRES eggs have disappeared from the gourd!),
Juv BB
...her juvenile bluebirds,
Kathi's bluebird eggs
...her NEW clutch of bluebird eggs,
Kathi teaches the girls about popping weeds
(The girls learned today from Kathi how to pop heads off plantains)
Grace and the girls
...and her sweet dogs (But Nellie is still number one dog around here...she came with us today, too),
Feeding the fish
...her really big pond, stocked with blue gill, catfish and carp,
Mammoth catfish
...really, really BIG catfish (look at the LIPS on that thing!),
Aphid thingies
(Aphid thingies)
...her poison ivy ( Okay, not really jealous of that),
Girls up in an apple tree
...and the girls and I had a freakin' great time.
Kathi's place reminded me of someone else's land, just on a smaller scale.
I also got a life bird today. I told Kathi that I wanted to see her meadowlark, and she pointed out the song as it came across the yard, and just as we were leaving, she showed me the little guy sitting on a power line across the road. Yay!
Thanks, Kathi, for the great day.
And the skinny on Kathi's blog is that she has one, but is going through growing pains. It's a new thing for her, but I think we can all help her, right?


LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like you had a great day together.

We can't help Kathi with her blog until we know how to find it - hint!

Mary said...

Woo Hoo! What a nice day you had. Tell Kathi to POST SOMETHING and we'll be there to help! I can't wait to read her blog as her comments are exciting and soooo inspiring! She's a gift. Just like you, Susan.

Susan Gets Native said...

Kathi's blog is
There's nothing on it right now.

Susan Gets Native said...

Aww, shucks, Mary. Make me blush, why don't ya.

KatDoc said...

Glad you had a good time, Susan! Did your girls sleep all the way home? My "girls" (aka dogs) crashed out - they aren't used to all the excitement.

As far as the Blog goes, my first problem is, I can't figure out HOW to post on it! And, I have so many posts already written. Now that I have a new computer, I even have my pictures, but I can't get them uploaded to Flickr. AND, I have somehow lost all My Favorite Places during the move, so am having to re-find all the blogs and other sites I love to visit.

Why is everything so difficult?

~Kathi, coming soon to a computer near you as "KatDoc's World"

Mary said...

Kathi, do a test post first. Go to your dashboard and click new post. Type in a subject, a few lines of text, then click publish. The click on "view blog". It should be there. Laura and Susan are more experiencd than I with blogger stuff but I think that should be your first step.

NatureWoman said...

What a great day for a visit to a great looking place Susan! Looks like fun! It was a great day for bloggers to get together - yay!

KatDoc said...


Thanks, but the first problem is that when I am at the "dashboard" screen, there is no "New Post" to click on!

I think there must be some problem with the way my computer is set-up - like I need to adjust some internal setting or something. I need to e-mail Blogger and ask what I should do, as I can't seen to find the answer in the Help section.

Same thing with my Flickr account - I have set one up, but I can't log into it, presumably because something is not set right in my computer.

Why did I think I can do a Blog when I am so computer-illiterate?


Mary said...

Kathi - you might want to delete your temporary internet files (called Clear your Cache) and make sure your Java settings are right. I remember having trouble signing in to blogger and Blogger Help advised me to do these things. It's a headache, I know! Been There! It will all fall into place... hang in there.

Hi Susan! Any suggestion for Kathi?

Julie Zickefoose said...

Dear Susan,

I'm jealous of your visiting Kathi. She is such a total sweetie, and so wonderful with kids. Mine adore her. I did not know she had a leopard Appy. Mmmmm. My favorite flavor of horse.
Thanks for taking us to her farm, SGN.
Kathi, we're eagerly awaiting your blog, full of wisdom and nature knowhow. Good luck with your growing pains. If it's any comfort, Blogger's been working fast lately (once you get it working!)


nina said...

For blogging: If this helps at all, I find firefox a better browser for adding posts and pictures than safari--maybe give firefox a try?
I know what its like to be new and befuddled--hang in there!

KatDoc said...

Mary - I deleted Temporary Internet Files and ate the cookies, but what do I do to "make sure the java settings are right?"

Nina - Firefox? How do I give that a try?

Susan - Thanks for letting me use your comments section as my own personal Blogger Help Desk. Oh, yeah - the Eastern Meadowlark was on the fence today, much more viewable. And, I think they must be nesting in the meadow!