Thursday, April 26, 2007

This dove is such a fantastic pet. I let him out for about an hour a day, while I am down here, and the cats are not.
He flies around from place to place, cooing and making the funniest "ha-ha-ha-ha" call. He also bows a lot as he coos, making it more likely that he is a he. Julie called him a "Eurasian Collared Dove" and I have seen the names "Turtle Dove", "Barbary Dove" and "Laughing Dove".
Well, whatever he is, I love him.
And she suggested the name "Euro"....
My Dove reads up on his roommates
Today he read up on some of his roommates.
Dove on my PC
And he was interested in what I was working on.
(My blog, of course)
He's just so tame...he flew over and landing on my shoulder today, and I felt honored.
What a cutie. I am working on getting his tail feathers back into shape. His perches weren't in the best arrangement, so his tail has been knocked around for years.
moldy hummer feeder
I put my hummingbird feeder out too early again. I do this every year, but it's even harder to predict when they will show up this year. I just hope that the hummingbirds know what they are doing and migrated late this time.
I noticed white fluffy stuff in the sugar water, so I went out and brought it in to change it.
It was like wading through a prairie out in the back yard...and the irony is that even though we got our mower fixed, it has been raining for the past few days, and I have only had the opportunity to mow the front yard. The grass in back is as high as my knees in some areas. Wow. Next thing we will have is snakes in the house. Eek.
bird bath
I love this picture...but I also worry when I see birds bathing in the low point of our driveway. We are careful to keep oil and gasoline off the blacktop, but just by driving our cars on it creates a layer of gunk.
Baby wrenlet update: All of them are fine. When I peek in, I see five gaping mouths and they seem quite vigorous. The parents have been cleaning me out of mealworms the past few days. They are medium worms, and even if they are too big to feed to the babies right now, it's helping Mom and Dad Wren by filling their cute little bellies.


mon@rch said...

Putting up hummingbird feeders, mowing lawns, sounds like spring is near! Love hearing about your dove and sounds like a wonderful pet!

Lynne said...

You sure do have a variety of pets! I would just love to have a dove perch on my shoulder. It would be an honor. Our house wrens aren't back yet but we always have a nesting pair out back. I really love their tinkling song.

dguzman said...

Every year, just when I say, "You know, it's about time for the first mowing; hope the sun stays up for a bit" it always rains for like three weeks after that, and then I'm out there like Humphrey Bogart dragging the African Queen through the water and grass.

katdoc said...

Despite the fact that I expect hummingbirds back any day, I decided not to put up my feeders till I get back from the New River Birding Festival. I would hate to encourage them and then not be here to clean and fill the feeders. I am already trying to wean the seed and suet dough crowd off the free breakfast, lunch and dinner they have come to expect. They are less than thrilled with that idea.

I have done some mowing, but not nearly enough. I dread the thought of what I will return to.

Maybe the mowing elves will come while I am away.....

~Kathi, dreamin'

Mary said...

Animal House is a great name... Love the lovey dovey.

nina said...

I'm not too far from you--just several miles probably and our hummingbirds arrived Friday.