Saturday, April 07, 2007

I had loose plans today...maybe do a little birding, get stuff for Easter baskets.
Then I got a call from our RAPTOR weekend dispatch about an injured owl. So off I went.

GHO in carrier
It was found on the ground this morning, then it made it up to a tree, then was back down on the ground. I honestly can't predict how this great horned owl will do. When I picked it up, it was laying on its belly with both eyes swollen shut. It wasn't heavy and it didn't put up a fight at all. We will see.

Then I went out and had a blast getting a whole lot of candy for the girls' baskets.
Basket fixins
M & M's, Milky Ways shaped like eggs, a big assortment pack of Smarties, SweetTarts, bubble gum...

Those are mine
They can have everything but the Cadbury Creme Eggs. Those are for me.

Instead of weirdly-hued plastic grass, I got pretty pastel paper shreds. And when we are done with it, we can compost it.
M & M

Lorelei's basket
I also included gardening gloves for the both of them, because by Gawd, they are going to help me this year.
And I didn't notice until I got home, that the bunny I got for Lorelei matches her gloves.
I rock.
Isabelle's basket
Isabelle is all about bugs, so she will get a big fluffy ladybug.
Is this one for me
Nellie: "Is this one for me? No?"

Fine.  I will just sit here and imagine the chocolate
"Fine. I will just sit here then. And imagine the chocolate in my mind."


Egg coloring
Geoff had this bright idea for the girls to dye eggs. He was rather insistent, but I would like to interject that he didn't help in the artistic process at all. He was just the cheerleader.
It was fun, but I got a glimmer of what their preschool teachers have to go through every day.
At least you don't have to use vinegar anymore. One kit I got uses vegetable oil to make swirls on the eggs.

My tricolored egg
I'm proud of this tri-colored egg.
Isabelle's pink blue egg
Isabelle really has a knack for combining colors...
...I told her that this one looked like a Monet, and she said, "Yeah! I learned about him in school! This egg looks like one of his paintings!"
I love her.
I heart my blog
I had to do it.
Black masked red grosbeak
If you will allow me to brag about Isabelle a bit more...
The other day, we were looking through one of my many bird books, (Isabelle can name most of the birds in them, I might add) and when we got to the cardinal, she said quick as a flash,
"You know, Mommy? Cardinals look just like grosbeaks. Their beaks are big like a grosbeak's."
Non-birders: Cardinals ARE grosbeaks.
I did not teach her this connection. Her big beautiful brain figured it out by itself.


Mary said...

Isabelle knows more than I do. Ok, I said it! Tell her she's smarter than an over 50 broad that loves the bewds, too. Brag all you want, Susan. You are raising great girls.

I miss dying eggs with kids. I liked the swirls, too, instead of that vinegar type. There is no candy in my house this year and I really miss those stale marshmallow chicks! And chocolate bunny ears! Hell, jelly beans will pull my crowns off. Hmmmph.

Happy Easter!

LauraHinNJ said...

Mary is just too funny!

I see you were very generous with the newspaper and paper towels... wise!

Happy Easter!

Liza Lee Miller said...

True confessions time. I have never dyed eggs with my kids. I don't want the mess and bother.

Hanging head in shame.

Isabelle rocks with her birdy knowledge!

Jayne said...

Love your eggs! Very cute stuffed bunnies and bugs too. Hope you and yours have a very happy Easter Susan.

Dave said...

Happy Easter.

Best of luck woth that GHO.

mon@rch said...

A future birder you have! No doubt about it! I love your "I love my blog" easter egg! How cute! Hope your owl is doing alright?? HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Anonymous said...

I love the gardening gloves. Have a great easter.

Wayne, PA

DK & The Fluffies said...

Hoppy Easter Everyone!