Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Karma and a new blog in the bloggisphere!

No pictures tonight. It's not like I have had a lot of time to go birding lately. RAPTOR has been keeping me busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger.

As of right now, I have 21 programs scheduled from tomorrow until the end of April. And it's early...I may get more. There seems to be a real buzz about RAPTOR around town. People see one of our presentations, and they think to themselves, "Hey...I could book them for a Cub Scout meeting." Or a church group...and on and on.

I would like to address the "sparrow" issue that was brought up in the comments from yesterday.
I struggled with the issue myself for quite awhile. But I made my mind up last year when house sparrows made my life (and the bluebirds' life) a living Hell.
Want to know what house sparrows do to bluebirds (and other birds)?
Click here. But only if you have a strong stomach.
I did spare the lives of 5 house sparrow chicks last year. I tried to do away with them, but I couldn't do it.

So while I appreciate the idea of karma, we all have to understand that HOSP were brought here by people, which was probably the worst thing that could have happened. They are cavity nesters who compete for precious few nesting sites with our native species. They are aggressive to the point of being pure evil. They kill for no reason sometimes. They aren't protected by our laws, so it's not frowned upon, at least legally, to off them. Bluebirds and other native species are suffering. So damn skippy I will kill them. And feed them to my program birds.

Neat news: I get to start up a RAPTOR, Inc. blog! I have been bitching and whining about it for months, and they finally gave me the okay. So stay tuned for updates!

And for those of you who love birds of prey (or any bird for that matter):
Bill of the Birds posted this about a real danger to raptors. Awful, and it shouldn't have happened.


Liza Lee Miller said...

Damn skippy. Most people don't know about the problem with HOSPs. I visited that site, Susan, very upsetting. Having seen Western Bluebirds flying around in a HOSP free area, I am all for protecting them. I don't have HOSPs at my house (knock wood) and I shuddered when reading about them attacking Chickadees. My chickadees are so wonderful and I can't bear the thought of them being attacked in that way.

Mary said...

I feel the same as Liza. I'd have nightmares if I found signs of killing at my feeders. I've only seen them at grocery stores and that's where I want them to stay. Do what you have to do, Susan!

Larry said...

-I know that House Sparrows can be a problem-I use a halo device to keep them off of my feeders a little.-The whole introduced thing never realy impressed me-would people like them better if they came here on their own?-still-I know they can be nasty little birds -especially when in large groups-people in Europe love them though-imagine that.

vicki said...

I know that these sparrows are indeed a problem we brought upon ourselves (which one didn't we, Eve?) and the whole issue of how to manage invasive species is tough. I used to struggle each year when the birders newslist at U-M would go back and forth about sparrows, swans and so on. And of course, I'm busy yanking out invasive plants here in Florida. I have a problem making the leap in a personal sense (although, if you want to mail me two dozen sparrows on ice, I would gladly serve them up to Hannibal, our Cooper's who is madly decimating the neighborhood of feeder birds).

Not to go to far afield, but in 32 years as a psychotherapist I did some forensic work and I believe I encountered 4 sociopaths who I knew were so far beyond redemption and just plain bad to the bone in a way that I didn't want one penny, not one, of my tax dollars going towards their prison keep. But I could never separate my rational from my emotional enough to move to the logical conclusion...

I'm assuming you know I was tongue in cheek mentioning karma. I'm confident you have far more than your fair share of good karma in the bank and what is it anyway, besides a parking spot right where you need one? ;-) Thanks for the ongoing discussion and links.

mon@rch said...

Very cool about the blog for Raptor inc.! I understand the no time for pictures bit! Enjoy doing programing with the birds!

The Swami said...

It is completely understandable that you did not post any photos today. How could you possibly follow with anything that would come close to the loveliness of the young princess having High Tea?