Monday, March 05, 2007

If you have dial-up, maybe you should go get a sandwich

plumesplumes and legsPeacock GBH
Word of the Day:

logorrhea \law-guh-REE-uh\, noun:
Excessive talkativeness or wordiness.

I uploaded so many pictures tonight, if you have a dial-up connection (you poor dopes) go get a sandwich or take a nap.
Above: Stonelick Lake...a very impressive, cooperative great blue heron.
( I especially like the last picture: He looks like a peacock with that plant behind him)
Middle picture: check out those gams!

Head plumes
I could look at those head plumes all day.
And their necks leave me in awe. They are like a mile long!
The bill was the only bright color for miles. It was glowing.
When picnicking goes awry
"When Picnicking Goes Awry" at 11.
Killdeer Armleder Park
Armleder Park is still flooded, but I still got a nice look at a killdeer scurrying through the wet fields. I love how they run on dry land. Like they don't have knees.
Side note: Saturday morning, in the hotel, I awoke to the sound of killdeer and the sound that I associate with the coming of spring: The KONK-A-REE of red-winged blackbirds.
Why didn't I get photos???
Chickadee and platform feeder
Ever notice how chickadees are usually the first to try out a new feeder? This platform feeder is under one of our hanging feeders, to catch falling seeds and to hold peanuts and Zick Dough.
Baby Powder
I don't care if you like cats or not. This is one beautiful feline. And I just noticed that her "flame points" match the wood on our entertainment center. See, Geoff? She MATCHES the DECOR.
Powder and reflection
She likes to closely watch the birds. (See her reflection in the glass?)
"Wha ZAT???"
Powder chews on Nellie
We would be without this bit of fun if Boomer was still here: Powder decided to chew on Nellie's leg while Nellie was sleeping. Did Nellie mind? She didn't even move.
I get tears in my eyes, watching Queen sleep on HER sofa. She will be 11 this year, and she deserves a house without fear of being shaken to death.
Okay, it sounds a bit harsh, maybe. But you should just see how happy my cats are. They have the whole house again to play, nap, eat, nap, romp, nap...
The birds are bathing more regularly nowadays. This song sparrow really made the water fly.
Nellie kisses Lorelei

"Hey, Lorelei, let me get that cookie crumb off your face for you."


Mary said...

Susan, great shots of that stinker? You must have been so close - lucky girl. And I loved the cats. One of those photos will get fav'd by me. They are very pretty.

I love Nellie getting that cookie last cookie crumb :)

Thanks for the lighthearted and funny day you shared.

NatureWoman said...

Susan - your title is cracking me up - I was about to go get some yogurt! Great photos of the heron! Ewww, flooding, you know how I feel about that!
I like your platform feeder - what a great idea!
Oh yeah, your kitty Powder is beautiful! Wow, Nellie didn't mind Powder gnawing her leg off? Must be it was little love gnaws?
Queen is so sweet! I fav'd her - I just love her face.
Awww, cute photo of Nellie with Lorelie!

Trixie said...

That bill on the GBH is amazing! Now I want to go to Stonelick, never been there. I may be in Ohio in April, so we should talk.

And your kitties look happy and relaxed.


mon@rch said...

That song sparrow is underwather! LOL - I have dial up so you must be talking about me! Lucky, had a big dinner, so no sandwich for me! Love all the pictures, even the kitty shots! Those Great Blue Herons are great!

LauraHinNJ said...

I think Blogger ate the comments I left on everyone's blogs last night - bummer!

Your kitties are beautiful, Susan. I'm not a cat person anymore, only because I had a few as a kid that broke my heart. Won't have them anymore.

Lost one to the world's best dog, too - in a situation like you were trying to avoid with Boomer. Almost lost the dog too, because my dad was so angry at her.

Anyway, glad to see them enjoying their home again and sending best wishes to Boomer in his new digs!

Dave said...

I got two peanut butter and jelly slamwhiches. I do have dsl though. :)

John said...

So if logorrhea is the word of the day, would photographorrhea be the word of the post? Inquiring minds want to know!

(Just kidding, of course.)

Queen is a beautiful cat, by the way. Until recently, my mother had a cat very similar in color and striping.

birdchick said...


love the shot of the bathing song sparrow!

The Swami said...

Wow. Song Sparrows can really hold their breath for a long time. I enlarged and stared at the bathing bird for over five minutes and it stayed under water the whole time.

Uh, Oh here come those nice gentlemen in the white coats. Swami's gotta run.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Now that I have Ruby, I can contemplate a platform feeder again. Otherwise, it would have just been a squirrel station. Those are the REAL stinkers!

Those GBH shots are spectacular.

I'm not into cats (something about allergies that drive me into the hospital) but yours are beautiful and I'm glad they are living a peaceful, dog-leg chewing life again.

Glad that Nellie is helping Lorelei attend to her personal hygiene! :)