Monday, March 19, 2007

I'd rather be birding

My car is cursed. It needs an exorcist.

My brother offered to try and fix the overheating problem for me. I went and got the part today, and the girls and I started out on the 45 minute drive to my Mom's. (My brother and his family live next door to her)
I knew that the car would probably overheat again, but I was hoping that I could push it as far as possible and maybe make it without getting it towed.

After waiting for an hour and twenty minutes for the tow truck to arrive, we bundled into the cab of the truck and the girls watched my car get lifted up onto the truck.
We turned it into an adventure. They got to jump around the car while we waited, and they got to ride way up high in a big, loud truck.

Watching mommys car

Tow truck 1
The driver deposited us and the car in Mom's driveway.
The tailpipe scraped a little as the car rolled off the back of the truck. Easy, buddy!!!

My brother came over and gave it his best, but there are multiple error messages coming from the computer and he just can't do it alone. So my Mom's mechanic is going to give it a try.
Oh, how did we get home, you ask?
Geoff had to drive all the way from home to Mom's to get us.

We are wondering how much money to throw at this car. It looks pretty, but there are a bunch of electrical problems, the brakes are going bad, it needs new tires, and then there's the whole coolant system thing. But if we don't fix it, we are stuck in the situation that we are dealing with now: One car, and many people (and birds) with a million places to go. We would like a new car now, but it's not smart to do so at this moment.


Mary said...

Oh, Susan. What a bummer. But I'm glad you turned it into an adventure for the the girls. I had a Pontiac back in 82 that was a lemon. It was in the shop for two weeks because of faulty wiper blades! Nothing was right with that car - EVER!

I know how you feel. My fingers are crossed that you'll be back to a two-car family again so you can go Bewding!

LauraHinNJ said...

How does a car overheat in the wintertime?

You could always tow it to NJ and have my DH the mechanic look at it. But you know the saying about the shoemaker's daughter - my car has had a rattle and hum since November that he hasn't gotten to yet!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks for the sympathy...I am really getting annoyed. And get this: It used to belong to Swamette! They sold it to us when we needed a second vehicle after I sold my truck.
To be fair, the car was perfect when we bought it from Mr. and Mrs. Yakherder. It's just our luck that all the crap started when we started driving it.

The main thing that we know is wrong is the thermostat. That $10 part can cause a lot of is closed until the oil in the engine is warmed up enough (it has to be warm to have the right viscosity), then it opens and allows coolant into the system to bring down the temperature.
Another problem is the fan relay. the fan works, but only on a low setting. So the coolant is boiling and the fan can't keep up.

Trixie said...

I just love me sick cars! Sorry to hear your woes. If I were in town I would take your girls and my girls and we would go to Skyline and have a picnic.

Liza Lee Miller said...

I'm sorry, Susan! That stinks! I wish I had a good solution for you. But all I can offer is some commiseration! Blech! I hate cars that don't work right!!!

mon@rch said...

O my goodness! About to do some traveling and worried something like this might happen! Didn't Zick just have some car problems? Glad it was an adventure!