Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I sense a "blue" theme *UPDATED WITH VIDEO*

Word of the Day:

descry \dih-SKRY\, transitive verb:
1. To catch sight of, especially something distant or obscure; to discern.
2. To discover by observation; to detect.

What a day I've had...what a week I've had.
Monday and Tuesday were back-to-back presentations at a preschool.
Today, a presentation at Isabelle and Lorelei's school.
I got my car back from the mechanic on Monday, and it overheated the same day, while sitting in a car wash. (I had to have some people push my car out)
This morning, I dropped Isabelle off at school and drove Lorelei and myself to Starbucks. The car overheated again. I had to get the birds for the program, so Geoff had to come down and trade cars with me. He took Lorelei with him, because I had no time left to be able to watch her and get the birds at the same time (when the girls are with me, it takes twice as long to round up the birds because I have to keep checking on the little rugrats)
So, I broke every speed limit between Loveland and Mount Healthy (where the birds are) and grabbed everyone and then broke every speed limit driving back to the school.
I did the first program, took Isabelle to lunch, then dropped her off at home and then went back to the school to do the second program. Then, I drove all the way back to Mount Healthy to drop off the birds. Then I drove home.
Heavy, heavy sigh.
Let's move on to the birds.


It always amazes me how Lucy can exude a wonderful sweetness and a terrible fierceness, all at the same time.
When we got back, there was a nice, plump quail waiting for her. I placed her on her perch, and picked up the quail to see what she would do.
Well, she snatched it out of my hand and stood on it.
All-righty then. It's yours, okay???
Isis BLue Eye

Oh, I am so proud of this picture.
This is Isis.
Look at that blue eye!
(I was outside her mew, looking in)

Please do NOT watch this video if you are eating chicken. Or eating anything, for that matter. If you ever wondered what a Peregrine Falcon looked like while eating, here's your chance. And if you turn your speakers up, you can hear the crunching:

Could someone pass me a napkin
"Could someone please pass me a napkin?"
Two owls two ears
I'm rather proud of this one, too. Look closely...there are TWO screech owls in this picture!
Blue cat
Please do not adjust your set.
Powder is, in fact, blue.
Isabelle did a wonderful picture in school (they are studying Monet) and it has a lot of blue chalk on it. Well, she thought it would be neat to rub it on Powder and transfer the blue chalk to the white cat. I was on the phone with Cindy (RAPTOR) and I had to stop and say to Isabelle, "Isabelle! Don't paint the cat!".
There was a very pregnant pause on the phone, and then Cindy said, "WHAT is going ON???"
It was priceless.


NatureWoman said...

LOL!!! "Isabelle! Don't paint the cat!" OMG, I am ROFL!! Thanks for the good laugh.
Don't you *hate* it when a car acts up - I mean, you've got things to do, places to go, no time for car probs!
I'm loving all of your bird photos - they are excellent! Two owls - I see them both, very cool!

Lynne said...

A M A Z I N G photos Susan!! You have talent coming out of your ears!
I despise car problems- I feel for ya.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Laughing hard at that one, "Isabelle, don't paint the cat!" Don't you LOVE being a mom?

I call them "Things I Never Thought I'd Say" moments!

Mary said...

Susan, I can't get enough of raptor eyes. It's the eyes!

Stop painting the cat...hilarious.

I have to admit that I didn't finish watching the video clip - just couldn't handle it at 5:30 a.m. :o/

I hope your car gets well soon! It's awful worrying about sick vehicles.

katdoc said...

"Don't paint the cat" - Classic!

OK, I give up - I only see one owl.

Oh - OH! NOW I get it!


verificatioon word end is "who"

Lynne said...

I couldn't get your video to play last night so I watched this morning with my toast and coffee.

Mmmm.... scrumptdillyicious!

Really though, you're giving me a chance to see, up close, raptor form and behavior that I'll never see otherwise, and I thank you.

Here's a dippy question: when you're handling these birds, do you ever touch or stroke them, or do they not want that?

BTW- how's Earl?

Trixie said...

Oh man, I have this week of vacation and it is stinking cold. And my car is in the shop, will be done tonight and tomorrow Tom's goes in. I feel for you, good thing the white wine is chilled. All this lack of mobility is making me clean my house. Or at least get REALLY creative at procrastinating.

Are your girls in a Waldorf school? I like the watercolor.

mon@rch said...

I just love your photos of these birds and love your video! Don't worry, I kept away from chicken today just so that I could watch this! Keep up the wonderful post! :)

Dave said...

I thought you said you've been busy? :)

Body Soul Spirit said...

Just caught up on your posts from this week. Excellent pictures and video. I will likely never see any these raptors except in your blog.
mmmm, chicken!