Monday, February 26, 2007

Word of the Day:
susurration \soo-suh-RAY-shun\, noun:
A whispering sound; a soft murmur.

Nice pair!
Yesterday, my Starbucks ran out of the mix to make my carmel frappuchino. So I ordered a mocha. And then, they were out of venti cups, so they gave me two mochas.
Now, that's a nice pair!
darn good pizza
Once again, pulled off a killer pizza!
You talkin' to me
"You talkin' to me???"
(This is a stuffed GHO at RAPTOR)
My Mom is back from Alabama after a week down there. We were watching her dog, Bailey, and we took her back today. She's such a nice, SMALL dog.
Boomer update:
A foster home has become available and he will be going to it this week.
*heavy sigh*
One of Mom's chickadees
One of Mom's chickadees. She has a blue million of them. It's impossible to count all of the little flying blurs.
chickadee in mid hop
How's this for a shot that I thought was a throwaway?
I caught him just as he was jumping off the feeder into the air!
Loveland sunset 02-26-07
Loveland sunset.

More on the OOS Owl Symposium:
I learned so much about owls this weekend. My programs are going to be turned up to a new level from now on. I feel like I was in kindergarten at the beginning of the symposium, but now I feel like I have graduated to the sixth grade. There were PowerPoint shows, with pictures of the entire digestive system of an owl (did you know that they have a two-chambered stomach? That's how they make pellets)
I got to meet a lot of people who were only names until Saturday. For example:
I met Shila, as in very good friend of Julie and Bill's. She showed up at my table and waved. I squinted to see her name tag, and I was like "Hey! Shila!". She is sunshine with a camera.
I bought a matted photograph of a baby screech owl from a woman who, it turns out, was a RAPTOR board member back in the 80's.
The world of birding in Ohio is a small one.


Mary said...

Susan, I'm glad you have been inpired to another level after the symposium. Sounds very exciting for you!

I skipped dinner today and I'm yearning for that Pizza!!!!

Here's a susurration for you..."Hope Boomer finds a forever home." :o)

Dave said...

Blue Million???? Wish I was at that symposium.

NatureWoman said...

I love symposiums for inspiration and for turning up whatever it is you're doing a notch or two.
Your pizza looks good again! I have no idea what all those Starbucks words are - I don't drink coffee or whatever it is! But it does look like quite a pair!
Poor Boomer, well at least he'll be taken care of, right?
Blue million - never heard that term!
Beautiful sunset!
P.S. I asked one of my guy friends about the bite me thing and he said it was the same thing you did. I asked him why he wanted someone to bite his ahem. As in, wouldn't that freakin' hurt?

Lynne said...

Sounds like a blast. It's such a thrill to learn new things about something you really love.
Boomer will be all right. HUGx10

The Swami said...

"...a nice pair!" And whipped cream.

Swami must go find Swamette!!