Monday, February 05, 2007

Too cold....

Word of the Day:

daedal \DEE-duhl\, adjective:
1. Complex or ingenious in form or function; intricate.
2. Skillful; artistic; ingenious.
3. Rich; adorned with many things.

It's too cold to bird, too cold to do much of anything. I was low on bird seed, so I checked the cupboards for something edible for birds.
I found peanut butter, oats and a few nice, fruit-and-nut filled granola bars:

It figures that a stupid starling would find it first. I banged on the window to shoo him off.

The male downy wasn't too sure, but tried a few of the nuts.

One of the Carolina wrens was acting hungry enough to eat anything. I wish I had some spiders preserved in a jar or something!
Titmice are little feathered jackhammers.

Lorelei and drove over to the gravel pits to find the bald eagle, but I can't find him again. I just want ONE that too much to ask?
And all this coughing is getting on my nerves. It's literally a pain in my neck: I have been coughing so hard, my neck is all cranked the wrong way. I guess it will be the doctor's office tomorrow. Yuck.


LauraHinNJ said...

I'm almost out of seed to and have ben scattering left-over nuts from Xmas cookies!

I get very angry with the starlings and squirrels when it's so cold like this - I know they have to eat also, but they keep the little birds away with their racket!

Ruth said...

Great pictures from a sick blogger! Your cough sounds nasty. You are a daedal gal.(Spell check doesn't even recognize this word)

Mary said...

Even when you are sick, you are SO entertaining. Take care of yourself. I ENVY that titmouse and the others. The granola bars with a rubber band around them sounds like something I would do, you poor thing... LOL! You'll get your patient.

My word verif is at least 20 squished letters. Wish me luck.

NatureWoman said...

I love your bewd photos today! You'll get your eagle, you will!
I understand about that cough. I thought my back was going to break in half because I couldn't go to the gym to work out the kinks. It takes a while but you will get over it!
I love the granola bar tied to the tree branch!
daedal - you're daedal!

mon@rch said...

I agree, stunning photos and very creative way to feed the birds! I love all the birds that decided to visit your granola bar!

katdoc said...

I love the House Finch photo. They don't get enough credit for their beauty, IMO, because they are so common. They just glow in the sunlight, don't they?

The granuloa bar trick is very ingenius. Glad the little Carolina Wren found it. I am always so worried about the insect eaters when the weather is this cold. Seed eaters always seem to find something, but it is weather like this that kills Carolina wrens and bluebirds. Hve you tried mealworms? Peggie at Wild About Birds finally convinced me to buy them and the bluebirds and Carolina wren love them.

9 below at my house on Tues AM. Brrrrrr! I need a nice warm yak blanket and scarf set.


Liza Lee Miller said...

Great idea to do the granola bars. I bet the birds LOVED them. I know my squirrels would. :) Wretched beasts!

Feel better. I'm feeling crummy today too so it's a short day for me. Blech.

Lynne said...

Oh Susan, you really make my day! The granola bar idea is going up in my back yard today. I just made my first batch of Zickefoose dough and as soon as I work up the nerve I'll head outside to set up the buffet! Have you done any steroids for the cough? I've had to take them a few times for coughs that won't die. They make me very AGITATED but do the trick. Good luck with the MD.

Randa said...

I loved seeing the different birds on your treat you set out! That was really neat. What a fun way to feed the birds!