Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Sketches

conspectus \kuhn-SPEK-tuhs\, noun:
1. A general sketch or survey of a subject.
2. A synopsis; an outline.

On days that I do absolutely nothing, I feel a lot of pressure to come up with a post that won't put you to sleep. So I came up with a post with my sketches...that have not a single iota of talent, but may make you smile. My sketches of some of the events from this week:

(My finding what may or may not be a snow goose)

Now, wasn't that fun?


Mary said...

Hey Susan, can you hear me laughing? Not only are you an excellent birder and blogger, you can DRAW! I'll need to remember this post when I have nothing to say. I LOVED THIS! You had a good week, whether you were happy, sad, mad or glad.

mon@rch said...

Very cute post susan! I always enjoy my day off from posting on the blog! But, love your idea with this so glad you decided to give it a go! :)h

Diva Kitty's said...


LauraHinNJ said...

Now why didn't I think of that?

(Probably cause I can't draw for sh^t!)

Ooops, Laura said a curse word.

Off to bed. Where'd the weekend go?

NatureWoman said...

Great sketches Susan - you're definitely talented in the drawing area! If I drew a snow goose you wouldn't want to see the results.
As the temp goes down the moisture in your skin goes up? Mine goes down. Like right now. It is so freakin' cold, my lips are drying out from the heat being on all of the time.

Conspectus, wow, where are you coming up with these words? I remember when I studied for the GRE to get into grad school I swore I never heard of any of the words I was studying.

Lynne said...

Susan my dear-

You are a whooty-hoot-hoot!
too funny!

dorothy said...

Susan, thanks to Julie's post about Boomer, I checked out your blog this morning. Now I'm not going to ever get anything done because I am reading EVERYONE's Blog! Oh...did I mention I love your blog. Well I do.
Thanks for brightening up my freezing cold Moanday.

from chilly Bucks County, PA
Dorothy P.

Susan Gets Native said...

Pam: You observant girl...I messed up that graph. I meant to show that as the temp drops, so does the moisture in your skin. I should have labeled the graph.
I will do better next time. (Or maybe I should have said "Dryness of skin" instead.)