Friday, February 23, 2007

Birds caught: Check. Car packed: Check.

Word of the Day:
malodorous \mal-OH-duhr-uhs\, adjective:
Having a bad odor.

I am all set for the Owl Symposium tomorrow morning.
The owls are all comfy in their carriers. Geoff and the girls are spending the night in Swami's Guest Yurt. I have a nice, quiet house in which to sleep tonight. Ahhh.
A few pics from today:


A skunk noodling around a yard near Stonelick Lake. I guess it just came from hibernation and was super hungry, because it didn't care that I was sitting there taking pictures of it. I even cleared my throat a few times, to get it to turn and look at me, but nada.
skunk 2
A red-tailed hawk hanging out near the highway. Look at the tiny twig it's standing on!
This speck is a red-shouldered hawk who was soaring with its mate over Stonelick Lake.
RS hawk up high
And finally, here's Junior, in his mew. It's weird to see him sitting inside a building. He is gaining weight and awaiting a new home as an education bird.
I was standing half behind the door when I took this, because I didn't know if he would try to fly to me, and he did the cutest little head tilt, trying to see me.
Junior in mew
At least he is warm and well-fed.
Junior 2
Stay tuned tomorrow for my pictures and stories from the Owl Symposium. We are going to have such a blast.


NatureWoman said...

I love Jr's head tilt - "is that you girlfriend?"
The hawks are awesome - standing on a tiny little twig.
Ohh, enjoy your nice quiet house tonight. And I hope you have a great time tomorrow!!

Lynne said...

1. Have fun!
2. Take pictures!
3. Safe home!
4. Tell us!

Mary said...

Susan! I am screaming here...THANK YOU FOR THAT INCREDIBLE SPECK IN THE SKY! Awesome photo! Looks like something I take every day. LOL! I guess I'm just TGIF'in - tired and silly.

Enjoy your quiet house and get rest for your wonderful weekend. Hug Julie for me.

I just love Junior and his little head tilt. I'm calling my local Raptor soon.

I'm still laughing at the speck.

Looking forward to your great weekend report.

LauraHinNJ said...

Be safe and have fun and make all those people smart about owls!

mon@rch said...

Just love your skunk pictures! I tried all summer last year to get wonderful shots like this!
BTW: Good luck with your Owl Symposium!