Thursday, January 04, 2007

What I found today

Found another burl today. And this one is green!

...and some raccoon prints. I love the little rascals. I'm reminded of monkeys when I watch them. Their little opposable thumbs, their intelligence.
...and a chunk of yellow ice floating down the Little Miami River. Uck.
...and a lure in a tree at Lake Isabella. There are lures and snarled fishing line in just about every tree there. Now, if you are a fisherman, and you are standing under a tree, don't you think that you would take that into account when you cast? I would. But you don't have to be smart to be a fisherman, I guess. And does the park remove them? Nope. If I had a ladder...
...and sprouts. In JANUARY. At first glance, I thought they were ramen noodles. Honest.

Went to switch to the new Blogger, and the damn thing won't let me. Invites me to do it, and then denies me????


NatureWoman said...

Another cool burl Susan! Love the racoon prints, too! What's up with the big chunk of ice with this weather?
Yeah, I certainly don't get my lures caught in trees, but I feel *really* bad when I break my line when it's in the water - and what happens to the big nasty thing then? I don't break my line that often.
Yeah, you'll see in my post that will come online after 11 tonight that I saw things leafing out today. Very weird for January 4th!

Mon@rch said...

I agree, those Raccoon prints are soo cute! TOM
FYI: I had to redo your RSS feeds once you switched over!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the lure could have gotten up there via flooding rather than casting. Does the lake ever rise that high?

Susan Gets Native said...

Usually the river has a nice ring of ice at the shores, but all I have been seeing is chunks from upstream floating down, and I assume they melt before too long. This weather is scary. (Check out Birdchick's post about the ice shelf collapse)
I have RSS feeds?
I couldn't switch over...???
Not a chance...these are 15 feet up.
It's a "managed" lake.

Ruth said...

I walked for 45 minutes through a new trail yesterday and made a point of looking for a burl. I didn't find any. Where'd the ice come from? someone's cooler? The only snow around here is outside hockey arenas.

Mary said...

The chunk of yellow ice intrigues me, too. You have a good eye, Susan, zeroing in on things many of us would miss. Blogger woes again? I'm not even going to try to switch over now since things are going well. (I shouldn't have said that...)

jemkagily said...

Love that first picture, Susan. The burl looks like a big nose, and the tree reminds me of an Easter Island head! See what I mean?

:) Wendi

Susan Gets Native said...

I do see it! That's a hoot!
I'm not having any specific problem right now...I was just going to switch over for the additional options. You just jinxed yourself, you know.

I have seen ice like that in two different rivers, very early in the morning. I assume it freezes at night..I really don't's weird.

NatureWoman said...

Well I was thinking that burl looked like something else. . .
I read about the iceberg breakage on yahoo news - that could go either way - causing a mini ice age or a warm up. Seems like it's a warm up now, but you never know!