Monday, January 29, 2007

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Blogger finally let me switch over to the "new" version. It remains to be seen if it's any better than the old one.

I signed up for a Word of the Day thing, and I will be posting a new word every day,
so we all can learn something.

The Word of the Day:
gadabout \GAD-uh-bout\, noun:
Someone who roams about in search of amusement or social activity.
Use it in a sentence today!

boomer kisses

Sweet Boomer...there may be a home for him. I will be shouting it from the rooftops when it happens. Stay tuned.

We don't get grackles at the feeders very often. And when they do show up, it's always in a huge flock. Today, one grackle gave me the eye from one of our feeders. Where are your peeps, dude?
goldfinch fluffies
It was COLD today, in the teens in the morning and warming up to a whole 22 degrees! This goldfinch melted my heart...look at his little fluffies sticking out.
white throated sparrow kicking
Ground feeding birds are interesting to watch. This white-throated sparrow was kicking to get to some seeds, throwing its legs forward and back, like two little shovels.
recycling sign
In our wanderings today, Lorelei and I saw some signs in a neighborhood that praise certain streets for their recycling efforts. Good idea. If people are proud of their accomplishments, and see this sign every day, it might help keep them recycling.
Huddled coots

Lorelei and I browsed the settling basin today, but most of the water was frozen. These coots were huddled in an open space about 20 feet across. Behind them, a Canada goose is sitting on the ice.
Lorelei Drive
I want to live on this street.

I broke down and went to the doctor today. This cold (my brother called it the "Creeping Death") and cough have been holding on for too long. Diagnosis: Ear infection, bronchitis and the beginning of pneumonia. Jeepers. No wonder I feel like Hell. And I was out in those temperatures today...I think I will be staying home tomorrow.
So I am on an antibiotic, an inhaler, and the most fun (I wanted to say "funnest" but Geoff would have a conniption) cough syrup in the world: Tussinex. It's an antihistamine mixed with liquid Vicodin. Hello!

More somber things: I will be attending two funerals this week. My parents have a huge circle of friends, some of them gals that my Mom worked with back in the 60's, and some of them are school buddies of my Dad's. The first funeral will be for my Aunt Kay's mom, Gladys. See this post for info on my Aunt Kay: She married my Dad's brother. Gladys had been in decline for years, and I only saw her once a year for the past 10 years. Funny story about Gladys: The "Girls" went on a camping trip with us kids (I was 8 at the time), without the men. When it was close to bedtime, Gladys went around to all of us kids with Dixie cups full of wine (Mogen-David, I think) to knock us out fast so the women could relax. Rock on, Gladys!
The second funeral will be for the mother of one of my Dad's lifelong friends. Charlie's mom, Laverne, was a red-headed fireball who was always smiling and always ready with a helping hand or a funny story. Gentle journey to two wonderful women.


Mary said...

Gladys rocks. But what a week you are having...illness and two funerals? You need to stay inside and relax a bit but I know you are hard to stay down. Your photos are great today! The best news: Boomer might have a home? Please keep us updated with that. Meanwhile, take your potent cold meds and lay low for a while.

NatureWoman said...

Are you ever coming back to Wordpress? It should be easy for you now!
One of my friends at work and I used to get the word of the day and we would take turns adding the word into a story we were creating. It was pretty funny!
Here you go: Gordy was such a gadabout at work he never got any work done.
Ohh, I hope Boomer is going to a good home!
Cool goldfinch fluffies!
That's a great idea with the recycling signs. How do they tell? By the number of recycling bins out for garbage day?
I wanna see coots too! I can't wait to see coots! I'll be excited when I do.
Lorelei Dr - how sweet is that!
Whoa, girlfriend, Vicodin - yowsers - that's some strong stuff!!!
Ummm, I didn't mention it while I was going through it but I had the same sickness for three straight weeks - I had to be *very* careful because many people here have had it turn into pneumonia and ended up in the hospital - please be careful Susan!
I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I'm glad you have fond memories of them. That does help, doesn't it?

Rachel said...

We'll keep our fingers crossed about a possible new home for Boomer. He's a sweetheart, he deserves a good one!

LauraHinNJ said...

You're such a gadabout Susan.

On a somber note - sorry for the funerals.

Ruth said...

Your life is full of good things Susan. Look after yourself and get well soon. Sounds like you have some good memories of the loved ones who are gone. Life is about making good memories.

Lynne said...

I'm sorry too about the funerals for the ladies. Memories keep us all alive.
Watch out with the vicdin cough medicine. I took a tad bit too much and got seriously loopy. (1T instead of 1tsp?) It's an amazing cough supressant though. Take care of yourself now. Get some rest and for Pete's sake, don't be such a gadabout!
keeping my fingers crossed for Boomer-

Liza Lee Miller said...

Hope you feel better fast! Glad you went to the doctor! Yikes! Stay warm!

Dave said...

Gadabout - that sounds like my job as a salesman. Get better fast!!!

vicki said...

Susan! wahhh! antibiotics- they are like a very good evil. Or a bad good thing. But take'em when you need 'em. The cough syrup? No. That would tip me over the edge but I'm a cheap sicko. One Ludens cough drop and two Advil is about all I can bear. So, I was all wrapped in this post (and condolences on the losses- especially for that generation one up) when I scrolled down to Lorelei's birthday post.

I'm smitten. That upturned nose. That bright open smile. The tutu all in a wad. The cake, wellies and cell phone. Oh, be still my heart!
Happy birthday mother and daughter!

mon@rch said...

WOW what a busy day you had! Our grackles can clean out our feeders also! Hope you feel better soon!