Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm getting tired of just seeing my yard birds/ Why it pays to go to Starbucks

The girls had a snow day today (when the local school district is on a delay, the preschool just cancels class). I had a doctor's appointment, so the girls got to tag along. Nothing serious...just my foot again. (For those of you new to my blog, see this post for a not-so-brief history of my foot troubles)
I needed new orthotics, since mine are about 2 years old, and I have the beginnings of arthritis in some more joints.

belle dr brocks
I caught Isabelle in mid-frappuchino swipe.
belle in my face
They're cute. And they're mine.
lorelei dr brocks

Miami-Whitewater Lake
After the appointment, we browsed Miami-Whitewater Forest. It was very, very quiet.

GBH flying away
We spooked a great blue heron...
GD house sparrows on martin house
...and I watched in barely restrained anger while house sparrows bickered in a purple martin house.
mockingbird on cherry tree
And now, some yard birds again...yawn. A northern mockingbird in the cherry tree...
female cardinal eating berry
...a female cardinal samples the berries...
male cardinal on fence
...a male rests on the fence...
goldfinch tail
...the goldfinch that got away...
junco messy face
...a junco with a messy face...
male cardinal droopy wings
...and another male cardinal sits droopy-winged.

I am going to give it another go tomorrow and find a new birding spot. Cross your fingers and wish me luck...that I don't find any stray animals.
Why it pays to go to Starbucks:
The other day on the way to a program, I stopped at the only drive-thru Starbucks in the area. The worker who helped me is one that I have seen before, and we have had mild small talk in the past. That day, she peered into my car and said, "I hope you don't mind me asking...what are in those boxes in your car?"
I said, "A screech owl, a great horned owl and a peregrine falcon."
It was priceless...she went all bug-eyed and yelled to all the other workers, "Hey! She has OWLS in her car!!!!"
Every worker in the store came over to look. I explained my work with RAPTOR, Inc. and that I was on my way to a program. She said that her son's class would love something like that and asked me if I had a card. I do, thanks to Marc, our president, so I handed one over. She said that she had a conference with the teacher later in the week and would pass it along.
So, I might just get another program out of going to Starbucks. See, Geoff! Starbucks is a GOOD thing!
Update: Please welcome Mon@rch to my blogroll!


NatureWoman said...

Wow, I didn't know about your foot - I'm sorry Susan. And now arthritis. Good thing you live in an area that doesn't get too much snow. But how do you go hiking in the woods with shoes with no backs on them?
Your daughters are so cute. I love all of your birds even though they are feeder birds you see every day. I never get sick of seeing them.
Cool Starbucks story Susan!

Mary said...

Susan, your posts are good for a hee-haw! How can you be bored with birds at the feeder when you have OWLS in your car? You are too funny, lady. I admit, I get bored with the juncoes, cardinals & doves at my feeder, too. But at least YOU have OWLS.

Anonymous said...

I love my backyard birds. Art asks me if I've seen anything good in the yard lately, and I say "only the regulars", but I really do love them!
BTW- I've never seen a mockingbird, so one woman's ho-hum yard bird is another's lifer!

You can quote me on this one fact-

Coffee is ALWAYS a good thing!!

Anonymous said...

BTW- that Isabelle has her some beautiful big, blue peepers!

The Swami said...

If you think you get a reaction at a drive-thru when you have owls in your car, next time try going through a drive-thru with a yak in the back seat!

Jess Riley said...

First, your children are precociously cute! Second, I love your Starbucks anecdote.

Now that our contractors are working in our yard again (finally!!!) the birds have been staying away. I miss 'em! But I look forward to new siding and a new roof.

mon@rch said...

Susan - thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I think I have you on mine already but if not, I will make sure you are added! BTW: love that one shot with the cardinal picking the berry! You always have such great shots!