Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Antsy boredom

Very little happened today.
So I am sitting here trying to blog about nothing.
I did get a few nice pictures today:

A male and female house finch, with just the head of a goldfinch below.
Call me immature, but a song came into my head watching them...
"boy bird and girl bird, sittin' in a tree,

A good shot, if I do say so myself.

A starling partaking of some "Bluebird Nuggets"

A troubling image: We have elderly neighbors to the north, and an ambulance and EMT vehicle showed up and took Leo off. A few minutes later, a car came and picked up Annette, his wife and off they went too. Oh, dear.

Is it me, or are the white-throated sparrows brighter this year?

The cat with many names:

Lorelei calls her Miss Kitty, Isabelle calls her Sprite, I like the name Praline...Whatever her name turns out to be, this is one neat cat. She is calm but playful, her coat nearly takes care of itself, she uses a litter box without problems, she is vocal without being annoying, and she fetches like a dog. I have a spare lead and jess set-up from my days of bird-handling training, and I started teasing her with it. I got bored with the game and tossed it across the floor. Next thing I know, she is bringing it back and placing it at my feet. Over, and over, and over again.

Cute little fur ball.


NatureWoman said...

I used to have a cat that would play catch with a soft golf ball sized ball - I would say "Get the ball!" I would bounce it high, she would jump high and grab it in her mouth and bring it back to me. I loved that cat - she was very smart. You have one smart kitty there!
Give me your boring day with all of those beautiful birds! If I see one my day is made!
Oh yeah, I live in an older neighborhood and I always hate to hear / see the ambulance coming up the road.
Great photo of the starling - wow! I just read Julie's starling chapter. Not really loving starlings right now.

vicki said...

I've had two cats that "fetched"- they were otherwise smart and engaging, too.
Your cat has interesting markings with those ears. I'll look back in your archives a bit to see if there's more about her.

On Monday we have a truckload of furnishings coming down from When we sold our cottage in Michigan in August. I can't even remember anymore what all is in there but I know the bird feeders are in there and I'm looking forward to putting them up. Even with the fine waterfowl here I miss the feeder birds.

vicki said...

Found it! She's a new breed to me. Roxanne at has Ragdolls but they have those points that are more similar to siamese.

Anonymous said...

White-throated sparrows are kind of funny. Sometimes they appear to be among the dullest of birds, and other times they appear bright and crisply marked. The juvenile vs. adult plumage is part of the cause, but maybe it is the lighting as well.

Mary said...

That Starling photo is probably one of your best, Susan? Love that!

Antsy boredom does make you look for things to do, like checking on the neighbors :) During recent years, my Mom and Dad knew the paramedics and firemen well, and likewise.

Let us know your name selection for the sweet little ragdoll.

Anonymous said...

I love that starling picture! Good job! I know what you mean about the ambulance. My Mom lives in a senior building and I get a lump in my throat every time I see an ambulance in the driveway when I pull up.

The Swami said...

Swami thought starlings were all black or bluish-black. That is a good shot.

I don't suppose "Floozy" would fly as a cat name?