Friday, December 15, 2006

Miscellany from Friday

First, a picture from yesterday: A cooper's hawk has been hanging around the yard, systematically picking off smaller birds. I've never been able to get a good picture of it, but last night, at least you can sort of see it flying away. Or maybe you can't.

We got together with friends tonight, Mike and Kim. They have two kids that are very close in age to Isabelle and Lorelei.
Aidan, surrounded by his harem.

Sweet Maura...16 months old. Very tiny for her age. And super cute.
And here you will observe what happens when your kids are being very quiet in the next room:
They use permanent marker on themselves, and then smile about it.
I couldn't even get mad. It was too cute. I really can't talk, anyway. I have a tattoo.


Anonymous said...

Little Miss Purple! I just want to squeeze her and kiss her nose! She really did a good job on her fingers and toes!

Mary said...

Precious pictures of cute kids. So, Susan you have a tattoo. Let me guess. A Great Blue Heron on your lower back or above your ankle? Please tell. I'm too chicken for a tattoo after I watched my swimmer daughter get a fish tattoo... I settled for three ear piercings on each ear instead. And I did see the Cooper's Hawk in your photo.

The Swami said...

Did Lorelei's marker come off or will she have to get a dress to match when she goes to the prom?

Susan Gets Native said...

She WAS thorough, wasn't she?

Yeah, I have a tattoo. It's a tribal design on my left upper arm. I wish I had a GBH tattoo. Geoff hates my tattoo, but is willing to let me get another one if I get the other lasered off. Julie Z. said that she would design a heron for me.

LauraHinNJ said...

How in the world will you explain that to the grandparents??


NatureWoman said...

Looks like she's been stomping in and eating grapes - too cute!
Maura is a little cutie!
Nice catch of the cooper's hawk. Those hawks are hard for me to capture, to date.
Can we see a pic of the tat?

Anonymous said...

I think tattoos are gross and everyone in my family knows this but I have to state my opinion on this one even though half of the world or more have them. Beautiful women like Susan. When you are my age they look even more ridiculous and I don't expect anyone to agree but thanks for letting me speak my mind.

Ruth said...

Long periods of silence from children usual means they have found something very creative to do. I remember a similar incident with one of my girls involving a black permanent Sharpie, but it was one of her friends writing "bad words" on her forearm. Soap wouldn't remove it, but hairspray is a great solvent and cleaned her up in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm afraid that I would have been able to get mad! :)

She is adorable though.

Yes, my husband and I have been known to sit bolt upright and say, "It's quiet. Too quiet!"

Once we found Gage had decided to take a sharp knife out of the sharp knife drawer and was stabbing bubble wrap with it on the linoleum floor in the kitchen. Thankfully, no blood was shed and I hated the linoleum anyway. A long, long chat ensued. :) Hope the hair spray works!

Susan Gets Native said...

The marker DID come off in the bath, thank my lucky stars. But of course, Isabelle started yelling about the water being purple.

Anon (Swamette):
I know, I know....but we only have our bodies for a small amount of time, so why not decorate it?

I will have to try the hairspray next time. Sharpies + kids= Oh My God.

I hate our linoleum too....maybe I will give the girls some scissors and bubble wrap...