Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Female downy woodpecker

I found myself cruising through Indian Hill today as Lorelei was napping in the car. Indian Hill is one of the most affluent areas of Cincinnati.
When I saw this house, I seriously thought it was a hotel.

The puppy is still here. And Boomer is great with her. Sigh. Can't he do that with the cats???

I went to the doctor today to get some answers. My stomach troubles still don't have a name, but I now have some medicine that seems to be working. And I have had a headache for 5 days, and after talking with the doc about it, we concluded that one of my last programs pulled some muscles in my neck. So now I have muscle relaxers and narcotics!'s going to be a fun Thanksgiving!


LauraHinNJ said...

Hope you're not cooking tomorrow, Susan.

One of my dad's favorite stories was the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner that almost didn't happen because my mom and grandma were drinking beer or something while cooking.

Anyway - have a happy!

Mary said...

I have an issue with those huge homes every time I see one. Who deserves or needs that much space? A five bedroom home with five baths and only two people in them, probably? Ridiculous. I have them attached to my community and I wonder...who cleans them? I can't afford a person to clean, therefore, I wouldn't have it and really don't want it! They are taking up too much space, that's all. Sorry for the rant.

Boomer. He needs hypnosis to like cats. Hmmmm.

Take care of yourself and look forward to feeling better and relaxing a bit...relax.

NatureWoman said...

Hope you're spending Thanksgiving at Swami's with all those drugs - anywhere you spend it, I hope it's a happy one! What a *cute* little puppy - I'm glad he's all warm now.
Oh yeah, don't get me started on those huge houses. They have been popping up all over my area too, at the expense of some rich farmland, lots of trees, wildlife, etc. etc. Like Mary says, who cleans them, who needs three-four car garages, etc. etc. I'm waiting for the day I get notice that they'll be tearing my house down because some rich ass needs my property for his huge house. Too many suffering, poor people for this kind of selfish action. End of rant.

Mary said...

About grandparents: My grandmother had a parakeet named Petey who flew around the house. She was getting a little senile but still invited everyone for Thanksgiving one year. Her turkey gravey was the best; however, her daughter saw Petey fly overhead and deposit a gem into the gravey while Grandmom quickly stirred it into the gravey instead of spooning it out...later she was found licking the serving spoon in the cranberry dish.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh Mary, I think you may have just ruined gravy for me forever!

Susan Gets Native said...

But cooking and baking is so fun when drugs are involved!
And I may never have gravy again.
I burns my a**. But when Geoff's book becomes a best seller and we move to Indian Hill, what kind of house will we build?
Rant away. I'm with ya, girl.
The puppy is a girl. She has a tentative name of Maybelline (she has dark fur around her eyes that makes her look like she has eye shadow on).

(My word verification was "peuxe". Which is what I wanted to do when I raed Mary's comment.