Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maybe not having a camera can be a good thing?

Since I am sans camera, I have been scanning some photos from the pre-digital era.
Get ready for cuteness.
(I also wanted to give you something to get your mind off the senate/house races.)

Isabelle at about 6 or 7 months. Look closely at her left eye to see the dermoid tumor I spoke about a while ago.
My hubby and my geezer cat. Queen never like any men other than my Dad, until Geoff came along.
Isabelle was a challenging baby. But every once in a while, she would relax. I don't know if this pic will go through...Geoff with Isabelle on his shoulders, December 2002. (Back when he could still do so)
This is Rita's (aka the Swamette) Great Aunt Frances. That makes her Geoff's Great great aunt. And Isabelle and Lorelei's Great great great aunt. She is 96 or 97 now and still sharp as a tack. We love her to pieces.
And one little tidbit that is voting related...check out this link to one of Toothpaste for Dinner's latest comics.


Mary said...

If I could get my scanner to work with this computer, I'd love doing what you did. I need to call a technie out here and move some 500 photos from another CPU, too! Tuesday, Isabelle. Wednesday, Lorelei? Please?

-llm. said...

Fantastic pics. Thanks for sharing!

As for the cartoon, just hand me the bottle, please. I won't even have Fox News on -- and when Jon Stewart shows clips to make fun of it, I get all icky feeling inside. :)

NatureWoman said...

What a little cute cute cutie pie! I love the old relatives - especially when they're really sharp - what's her secret?