Monday, November 20, 2006

I guess Blogger is feeling better

I don't know if it was just me last night, but I couldn't do a post.
But I'm here now!
A few good pics I got today:
Tufted titmouse

I snuck back in today...I know, I know. It's like crack.

But I'm glad I did. This is, as far as I can tell, a horned grebe, in non-breeding plumage. It was larger than the pied-billed I saw the other day, with a dark back and a white front.

Life bird!

Happy little Carolina chickadee.

We woke up to snow this morning. The girls and Geoff were thrilled.

We had snow last year at this time, and I posted pictures here.

Dave asked about Isis in my last post, so here's what I know:

Isis is a female leucistic red-tailed hawk. She came to RAPTOR about 1 1/2 years ago (?) with gunshot wounds. Who in the HELL would shoot a bird like that?

Her wings were partially removed and she isn't very steady on her feet when she is on the glove, but as long as I am not moving around too much, she does okay. And she is super strong.


Mary said...

YOU are really getting good at the photos. Love the birds I haven't seen here yet and I envy your snow.

LauraHinNJ said...

What sort of zoom do you have on that camera? The bird pics are so nice!

It really felt like snow here today - but none yet.

Susan Gets Native said...

You envy my snow? You can come and get it whenever you want.
( but thank goodness it was gone by 9:30 this morning)

This camera has 12 X optical zoom with an additional 4X digital zoom.
It definitely gets the job done, eh?

Rachel said...

Wow, snow! We didn't even have flurries here. I looked at the snow picture from this time last year, Lorelei was so tiny!

Susan Gets Native said...

I seems like yesterday that you were videotaping her being born!

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone is posting pictures of titmice. Yours is beautiful. I've never seen one.

The Swami said...
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The Swami said...

You did not explain that a leucistic red-tailed hawk, is actually a narcissistic red-tailed hawk that is made out of lucite.

Of course, your readers may already have known that

Dave said...

Isis is gorgeous. What snow? I didn't see what I call snow in any pictures. :)

NatureWoman said...

Your photos are getting more gorgeous every day! We had a little snow like that yesterday, too. Nothing serious, nothing that sticks around - yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Swami,
Susan obviously assumed that her readers are all experienced birders. I did think that the white was unusual for a "red-tailed" hawk, but I had not known that its wings were Lucite.



KatDoc said...


According to recent reports on, not only are there several Horned Grebes at the gravel pits, there is also an Eared Grebe, which is really rare for our area. I am not skilled enough in grebes to distinguish the two, especially in winter plumage. The Eared Grebe was still present as of 3pm Tues, in the south pond. This bird is best observed from the (legal) nature trail, according to the experts.

I was out and about today, running errands, and when I realized I was in Milford, just a stone's throw from the pits, I cursed myself for leaving home without my scope or even my binoculars.

~Kathi, who just missed another Life Bird

mon@rch said...

Congrats on your lifer and I love your bird shots! First time to your blog and its a wonderful site! Thanks for taking care of our birds who need the help!