Thursday, October 12, 2006

It must be a Boston Terrier thing

Boomer likes to help. With anything I am doing, he's right there. And I mean right there. If I stop walking, he runs into the back of my legs.
And just try to place a simple slipcover on the couch and it's Helper Time!

"Am I helping, Mom? Here, let me hold down this end of the couch. What? You want me to move? Why? I'm helping!!!"

"I see that you want to put the cover on this end? Okay, I help! I help! Let me assist you, oh feeder-of-my-gut, and untuck this part. It's not straight.

(singsong) I'm helpin' Mommy! I'm helping' Mommy!"

Vet checkup for the Booms today...he weighs 25 pounds now! That's 6 pounds above what he was when he adopted us.

Some folks just take Halloween too far. Case in point: A salon in downtown Loveland has disembodied heads on sticks as decorations. Well, at least the hair looks good.

And this particular head has the same shade of red that I do. Disturbing.


Michelle said...

What a happy doggy! His whole face is smiling. 6lbs Wooo Hooo!

How much is he supposed to weigh?

Dave said...

I have to say, I smile everytime I stop by. Just after college, nearly 35 years ago, I live and worked down the 'Pike'in Mariemont. I remember so many of the places you mention it's like stopping by for a visit!


Susan Gets Native said...

Michelle: From what I have read, Bostons should be 15-25 pounds. But he is a really BIG Boston, so who knows when he will stop! :-)

Dave: all are coming out of the woodwork. I just got a nice email from a very sweet lady who comments on Julie's blog who actually lives in the same county I do!
Did you go to UC, X, NKU?

Dave said...

No, I'm a hard core Yankee from all the way up in Michigan (U of M). Ended up in Mariemont as a starting teacher before settling back here in Mi. I taught right up until the teacher strike in the late 70s/early 80s when the entire staff was 'released'. Regardless, I still have fond memories of the area and Graeter's ice cream! (I had Chip Graeter in class).

Janeyms said...

Dear Susan,
There are actually three different sizes of Bostons. The largest are 25-35 pounds. The dogs that I breed are 15-20 pounds with Baker being on the larger end of the medium size like his grandmother Miss Maeve Bean. It's really nice to see Boomer smiling in the pictures. He looks great!
How far are you from Glen Este, or Batavia? That is where I grew up and reading an earlier post of yours about the Little Miami River put me to mind of home. I still have family there, and my love of BT's actually found it's roots in Batavia. My father grew up there with a BT named Buster.

Susan Gets Native said...

Good grief! Another one!
We are a few exits from Batavia. It's been so nice to find all these peeps from SW Ohio!
Thanks for the info about BT weight. Everywhere I go, people exclaim "What a big Boston Terrier!".

jemkagily said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who "hears" what her dogs are "saying"...and does Boomer have a particular accent like CB does?

The Swami said...

Speaking of hearing, one of The Swami's many abilities is understanding the communications of animals. So far the only thing I have heard Boomer say is: "Want cat for lunch."

Mary said...


I love your Boomer photos. He is going to be one of the large size -over 30 pounds, I'll bet! I adopted a large, deaf Boston Terrier once. Louie weighed in at 33 pounds and was a great looking dog but on the day he arrived, he tried to eat Chloe (my BT) for no apparent reason.

Do I understand you are related to Swami, the Yak Herder? Is he for real, or what? LOL!

The Swami said...

Do not listen if she tries to deny being related!

What do you mean is he for real? Hmmmm. Mary, perhaps you should seek professional help if you believe that this is all a figment of your imagination.

Ooomm. Ooomm. You are getting very drowsy, you are getting v-e-e-ry Drowsy.

Mary said...


Your imagination is curiously interesting and WILD. You must amuse yourself 24-7. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan-
I LOVE that Boomer on the couch picture! He's not just smiling, he's glowing with happiness and well-being. Look what you've done for him.

NatureWoman said...

Yay for Boomer gaining weight! He's such a sweetheart!

Julie Zickefoose said...

Boomin' is too cute, too cute. I LOVE the floppy eartips, the big BT smile, and I'm so proud of you both on the weight gain. He's blossoming. Such a lucky pooch. I happen to like my BT's on the big side. (Chet's filling out and creeping up on 23 lb.) Those 13-lb show dogs look like chihuahuas to me.
I also love how his tail looks like a bustle. Would you consider him a true member of the TTT (Tennessee Turd-tail) breed, of which Chet is founder? (You have BOTB, my personal Swami, to thank for that charmless moniker).

Susan Gets Native said...


jemkagily: Boomer doesn't bark, but he definitely has an acccent. Chet would say "bennehs" and Boomer would say "buuunnneeees". Remember the cartoon dog who said "Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?". That's Boomer's way of speaking and acting.

Mary: Oh, I might as well come out. The Swami is my father-in-law. Is he for real? Well, if you think that being a smart yet twisted guy, yeah, he's real.
Real weird.

Julie dear:
Tennessee Turd Tail. LOL.
His tail has a kink in it, which the vet said was normal...I thought maybe it had been broken once. And he has a little tuft at the kink which gives his butt a nice little flair.
He has been eating like a champ, both from his bowl and the garbage, so lots of calories are going in. But he is happy sleeping as much as playing, so he's bringing in more calories than he is burning off.
Kisses to Chet. Right on the lips.