Friday, October 27, 2006

Gyrfalcon and cuteness on the loose!

I got this email from our RAPTOR Yahoo group:
Hello All !

Please keep a lookout for a Gyrfalcon that was lost yesterday by a falconer in Verona, Ky. (Boone County).
Last seen at Route 16 and Route 2850 in downtown Verona.
The Gyrfalcon does have jesses on.
Any sightings, please call the falconer Paul Bronc at ***(email me: I didn't think the guy would like his phone number out there) right away.
Anyone in the Cincinnati area who reads this blog:
If you see a gyrfalcon, (which would be extraordinary) look at its legs. Jesses are long, leather straps dangling down on both legs. This bird may get into trouble while wearing jesses in the wild: They can become caught on tree branches, etc.
If you don't know what a gyrfalcon looks like, I put in a picture below:
A rather noticeable bird, huh?
Now for the cuteness:
These are Isabelle and Lorelei's school pictures for this year:

Wow. I make cute kids.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow night, oh loyal readers.

We have a new program bird, and I am taking the girls with me in the morning to meet her. So I will be taking a million photos, and hopefully will get some pics of her on my glove.


LauraHinNJ said...

I love school pics! Your girls are adorable.

Curiously, I have a lost gyr story to tell also.

Susan Gets Native said...

Spill, spill!

NatureWoman said...

Your daughters are sooooo cute!!

Endment said...

Now - if you can just get a message to the gyrfalcon to come by here for a short visit :)

Lovely photos of your lovely daughters!

-llm. said...

I hope the gyr is found soon! Scary to think of it out in the wild with its jesses!

Your girls are adorable! GREAT pics!!!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, I think they are, too. I did well, eh?
Very scary. That bird could be hanging upside down in a tree right now. ;-(
Wouldn't it be nice to find a gyrfalcon?
Thanks about the nice words about my chillin's. They are pretty great.

Michelle said...

Lovely little ladies you have Susan!!

Mary said...

Susan - you DO make lovely little girls! You should be so proud.