Saturday, October 14, 2006

A day surrounded by birders

I love my job. Period.

Today, I presented at a local Wild Birds Unlimited, in my Dad's old neighborhood. My Mom surprised me by stopping by to see her baby girl do her thing and brought along friends of my parents' who have known me since the diaper days.

I gotta tell ya...I really felt like an educator this weekend. Yesterday, there were a few kids in the classes that I could tell had the spark. They were asking intelligent questions, really listening to what I was saying. It felt good. And today, there were a lot of kids-of-birders at the presentations with cool stories about raptors they had seen and could actually ID. This is the new generation of birders, the young whippersnappers who will be picking up where we leave off, writing the bird books and leading the walks.

What a nice store: It was crammed floor to ceiling with bird stuff, jewelry, books...

Who says birders can't have a sense of humor? The store rented this bald eagle costume and had a nice young lad wave at traffic streaming by.

And I couldn't resist getting a photo of us for the BLOG. It's always about the blog.

A lone killdeer

Took the girls to Lake Isabella for a chilly dinner and a frolic in the huge, crispy sycamore leaves.

Huge flocks of starlings went over us at the park. Each group seemed to take minutes to get by us. It was cool, even if they are only starlings. They're loud, too.

My all time worst bird photo. There were warblers all around us as we ate dinner, and they all seemd to be the same species. As far as I can tell, they were Cape Mays. But fall warblers give me a twitch in my face. I am so unfamiliar with warblers, only really seeing them once a year up at Crane Creek, I really need the old field guide to figure them out. Now, raptors? Not a problem.


Dave said...

You are an educator Susan. Your studying your birds and passing that information unto others, young and old. I would love to see one of your presentations.

Rachel said...

Today was a good day for birding. Kevin and I hiked at the Germantown Metropark and saw lots of Golden Crowned Kinglets. They were so small and fast, I had never seen them before. We were hiking right before dusk and also heard a couple of Great Horned Owls calling to each other!
Glad you are really enjoying your job, we'll have to come see a program sometime soon!

Susan Gets Native said...

Rachel: Glad you got to see Golden-crowneds...I saw my first right out the front window a few days ago. They are super flitty and fast. How is Kevin at birding? Does he have the patience? I remember your story of him running away from the terns up in Canada! LOL
You just HAVE to see one of my programs. If there is ever one up north, I will let you know!

Next time you are down in the lover 48, you are welcome to see a program and then have a nice home cooked meal at Williams' Ark!

Susan Gets Native said...

LOL...OMG! I mean LOWER!

NatureWoman said...

It really is about the blog, isn't it? I take photos of things I wouldn't normally take photos of, for the BLOG!
That's excellent you had a great day! I love the photos of you and the eagle, and of your daughters.

Dave said...

Lover 48? Wow, I almost hopped a plane. hehehe Thanks for the invite. I have it put away in my "for use later file".