Saturday, October 21, 2006

Because sometimes you just need a giant fez

Ever notice that you rarely see a pigeon by itself? Pigeons know that staying with their peeps is a good idea.
That's how I feel about all of you who read this blog on a regular basis.
You're my peeps.
Thanks for all the nice comments about Dad.
At first glance, this tree seems to be on fire.
The Fall peak seems to be happening right now.

I have wanted crows to come to our yard for ever...

And they have finally shown up, but they don't come too close.

I guess I should figure out what they would like to eat.

We had two golden-crowned kinglets in the crabapple tree this morning.

Take my word for it when I say that the bird in this photo is one of the kinglets.

Not the shot I really wanted to get, but hey...I was driving.

Down the street from RAPTOR is this old Shriner's float.

Because sometimes you just need a giant fez.


Dave said...

Thanks for the fez shot from one of your peeps.

Anonymous said...

Hey! How did you know I was cravin' fez!!


NatureWoman said...

Wow - that's a good shot of the Kinglet while driving! Mine would be all blurry if I were moving along. Beautiful tree! We're peakin' here, too - it's fun to see - especially after the rain the colors seem really vibrant.
From one of your many peeps.

Mary said...

Great photos, Susan. How did you get to post? Last night blogger was stuck in dead mode and I still can't post from the dashboard!!!

The Swami said...

Good post ----- except , I really would have preferred a giant TURBAN.

Susan Gets Native said...

Correction: The kinglet shot was taken while I was in the yard.
The fez shot was taken while driving.

-llm. said...


LauraHinNJ said...

Cool fez - my dad had one just like it (only not quite so big, of course!)