Thursday, September 14, 2006

A near perfect day

Another day, another program. And I rocked, again.
Today, I presented to 11th and 12th graders in back-to-back classes at Wyoming High School. A nice school in a nice neightborhood (it was named a Top 100 School in Newsweek!).
I took the gray screech owl, the great horned owl and Lucy the peregrine falcon. The discussion was about owl pellets, but I thought that since Lucy also produces pellets, she would make a nice bonus bird. And I love her and love to take her places.
And check out my parking spot:

The PRINCIPAL gave me her parking space this morning, to make it easier for me to bring in the birds. Add that to driving a 2007 Saturn Aura, and I felt like a princess.
(sorry I didn't get a picture of it)
I peeked in on Isis, our leucistic red-tailed hawk. I hope others will start working with her more so she can become a perfect program bird. She is fairly calm on the glove, but she startles easily and she is super strong. And since she has bilateral wing amputations, she needs assistance when she bates, to get her back up on the glove.
Our gray screech owl in her newly minted feathers.
And I can't help but laugh a little when they get all squinty-eyed in the sunlight.
Look how well she blends in with seasoned wood...imagine trying to find her in a living tree.

And a day is not complete until you get to see hunky firemen answering the call of duty.

(They were responding to a broken-down car that was leaking something...gasoline?)


Shannon said...

More pictures of hunky fireman please!!

NatureWoman said...

Congratulations on another successful program! And reserved parking - you do rock! I love the squinty eyed owl photo!

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad it went well - sounds like a tough audience! Did they ask lots of questions?

That screech looks much better now that it has all its feathers back.

Maude Fenstermeister said...

You must live in a better neighborhood than I do. We have clunky cars and broken-down firemen.

Also, if you do programs in any of our local schools, you should take a couple of attack grackles.

Besides that has a nice ring to it: cackling grackles?

Maude said...

Sorry, that should be:

Cackling Attack Grackles

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, everyone!
Laura: They asked pretty basic questions that I get on a regular basis. And only two or three looked like they were going to fall asleep. Now, I don't remember anyone as cool as ME coming to MY school with live birds, but if they had, I would NOT have fallen asleep.

Dave said...

High School kids are a tough audience. A mixture of really interested, some interest and asleep.

Practice makes perfect for your presentations. Keep up the awesome work. 3 birds make a crowded Saturn.