Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Instead of bats in the belfry...

...I have an owl in the garage. But let's get to that in a minute.
Tired of Boomer yet?
Too bad.

His new favorite place to sleep in on our old Boppy pillow. At least someone is getting some use out of it...the girls never liked it.
He somehow curled himself tight enough to fit into our old doorway bouncer. (For those who don't have kids, this is something that you attach to the top of a doorway, plop a baby in, and let them bounce...and bounce...and bounce.
Okay, now the owl.
I got a call about an injured bird for RAPTOR. It was a barred owl.

(I didn't get photos of today's owl...too busy wrestling it and trying to convince it that I was there to help)

Aren't they just striking? They look all cuddly and sweet, but let me just tell ya...they are still PREDATORS.

I couldn't get hold of any of our rehabbers at first...two are in Europe, one was in Columbus, and the others didn't answer their phones.

I finally did get hold of one, but by that time I was home. So I will take it to RAPTOR tomorrow morning after it spends the night in our nice, dark garage. No worries...it will be fine.

When I drop it off, I will try to get photos.


LauraHinNJ said...

Ooooh an owl in the garage. How will you sleep?

Did you have to catch it and get it in that box?

I've been trained to do that by the raptor place that I volunteer for, but never have done it and would be scared to.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thank goodness this time the people had confined it under a recycling container. I just lifted the box, put a towel over the owl (with gloves on, of course) and picked it up and put it in a box I had brought. It gave me a little fight, like extending its wings and biting my fingers. I haven't had to chase one yet...hopefully I won't have to. I don't run very fast.

LauraHinNJ said...

Wow! They taught us that about putting a towel over them, but still there's those feet to contend with!

All of the hawks and owls I've pciked up have been at the vet - brought it by the kind people who found them. They're already in a box or pet carrier when I get to them, thank goodness.

It's an hour and a half ride to the raptor hospital and this one little screech owl spent the whole time jumping at the top of the box in the backseat of my car, near to poking his head out. Quite fun! Mostly they just sit and glare at me.

jemkagily said...

In the photo that you posted, what is the owl sitting on? Is it true that owls will eat skunks? Do birds just not have a sense of smell?
It's so sweet that Boomer gravitates toward the baby things in your household...your girls must just be loving this. How old do you think he is?

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm not sure what the owl has...it looks like a skunk, maybe. It's true that great horned owls will kill skunks, and I guess it's possible for a barred owl to get one. Birds do not have a good sense of smell at all...except for vultures, of course. We have had "skunked" owls in our care before. Pee-yew!

NatureWoman said...

I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing Boomer photos - he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
How did the owl fare the night?

Belfry Sales & Service said...

It has been brought to our attention that you do not currently have any bats in your belfry.

We here at your local Belfry Sales and Service are always ready to help. Regretably, we are not equipped for the major work that would be required to remove the bats from Geoff's belfry.