Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hero of the Year

Animal Planet has 10 finalists in the "Hero of the Year" award, and a fellow Ohio rehabber has made the top 10.
I met Mona Rutger up at Crane Creek in northern Ohio during our annual bird trip. She and her husband Bill run Back to the Wild, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and care of injured wildlife. They do a great presentation every year on International Migratory Bird Day at Magee Marsh with raptors...bald eagles, golden eagles, all kinds of hawks and owls. When I met her, one of her volunteers had just brought in a great horned owl nestling a birder had found off the bird trail. I came away from the meeting thinking that this woman was intelligent, dedicated and just a nice person. I thought, "What a cool job. I wish I could do that."
And look at me now!
So...go to Animal Planet's website and check out the finalists. And I would consider it a personal favor if you vote for Mona. (she is in the lead right now!)


NatureWoman said...

Very cool!! I'm on my way over to Animal Planet to vote for Mona.

Not-Quite Anonymous said...

I have recently returned from voting for Mona (based upon your recommendation). I was somewhat surprised and disappointed that the choices did not include that world-renowned cat-lover and chef, Mr. Wong of Wong Way's Oriental Restaurant.

Jess Riley said...

How cool! Off to vote. :)

LauraHinNJ said...


Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, everyone!