Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The new generation of Ohio's state bird

I snuck up on the cardinal nest to get a shot of the wee ones' faces.
Baby birds have that "so ugly, they're cute" thing going on.
Look at the thorns next to the nest! The parents found a great place to raise their kids. I can't see too many predators willing (or able) to brave the tangle of sharp stuff.
It looks like three babies. Unless there's one hiding under the ones that are obvious.
I love this. We have had many, many cardinal families come to the feeders, but this is the first time I have found one of their nests. Our state bird, nesting right in the front yard.


LauraHinNJ said...

I don't have much luck finding nests either, but am always glad to see the youngters at the feeder.

Are cardinals the last visitors at your feeders in the evenings, too? They seem to wait until all the other birds are gone and it's nearly dark.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yes! I thought it was just my birds doing that. They are the first ones in the morning and the last ones at night.

Mr. Buckeye, the state nut, said...

I know this personal contact with the state bird seems rare to you, but the state of Ohio often gives its residents "the bird."

Lynne said...

I had a cardinal nest in the bittersweet vines next to our backyard gate last year. I found out about it when carrying a roll of hose through the gate, Mama shot out of the vine and nailed me in the head! The hose flew and I ran. We quit using that gate for a few weeks as she protected it so fiercely. "Claudia" raised 3 beautiful babies but we never saw them until they fledged. It's so fun to see yours- MORE PLEASE!

NatureWoman said...

Those little babies are so sweet! Little baby birds never cease to amaze me. Thanks for braving the thorns yet again to capture more photos, and sharing them with us!