Friday, August 04, 2006

I was just looking!

Over by the cardinal nest tonight, I saw another nest almost directly above it. I'm not great when it comes to identifying nests (unless there's a bird sitting in it) so anyone have any guesses?

As I was getting ready to go back in, I peeked up at the cardinal nest and saw that one of the chicks was sitting on a branch next to the nest. Now, I don't know how old these little guys are, but I do know that it's too early for them to fledge. I retrieved the chick, called for Lorelei to come see quick...

...and then attempted to put him/her back. Well, that freaked out another chick, so I spent the next few minutes searching for that one.

Finally...all back in.

A cheap, fun way to make a new bird feeder and recycle a 2 liter bottle at the same time:

I found this "Soda Bottle Bird Feeder" thingy at Wild About Birds (I give all my bird business to that store, because they handle dispatch for RAPTOR, Inc.) For $13 and the 99 cents the pop costs, we have a new feeder. And there's a small overhang above where the seed comes out, so bigger birds can't really get in there. Seeds as large as sunflower will fit. It's not pretty, but the birds like it and that's all I care about.

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