Sunday, August 06, 2006

Birds on bank buildings, building nests for babies

In our Spring 2006 issue of the Hackback , the RAPTOR newsletter, I read an article about some Peregrine falcons nesting on the PNC Bank building in downtown Cincinnati. Egg laying began March 25 of this year.
Remember my last post about our new Peregrine falcon? She's from the same nest on that building. Neat little coincidence.


NatureWoman said...

That's very cool!

Egret's Nest said...

There are two falcons who are nesting each year in San Francisco. My daughter did a report on Peregrines in 2nd grade last year (she picked them because "my mom loves birds and she can help me." Awww!). Anyway, we watched George and Gracie fledge their offspring on a webcam. When we were up in the city recently watching my sister run a marathon, I looked up and high above the towering buildings, I saw two Peregrine Falcons -- my daughter was THRILLED!

Susan Gets Native said...

Peregrines are strong, bad and beautiful. Reminds me of myself. :-)

Ohio is doing pretty well when it comes to breeded Peregrines.