Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My crop of corn for the entire year.

I only planted 5 corn plants this year, since I'm a novice (hence my vile lettuce). Three corn plants grew up to reproduce, and here's what we got:

The two on the left are a good size; not as big as what you can get in the store, but I grew it, dammit! The one on the right was the closest to the AC unit and got blown around alot.
(Note to self: Don't plant anything around the AC unit next year)
I thought that the AC unit would benefit from some shade, since it's on the south side of the house and stays hot all summer. Oh well.
The little one had maybe 6 kernels on the whole cob. It's pretty funny when you think about it.

The husks and silk went into the compost. Oops, looks like I accidently threw some rat toys in there with some bedding. I don't do much with the compost, and we haven't removed any fresh compost to put on the garden. I started the compost when I read that 30% of landfills are garden and kitchen waste. Please, if you like me at all, don't throw your organic waste in the trash! This modest little compost pile is about 3 feet square and it has saved numerous square feet of stinky landfill.

Nellie REALLY wanted some corn. I put the corn cob to her nose for her to smell it and she tried to take it away from me! So I pulled off some kernels and let her have them.

Corn...who knew?

One of my tiny gardens, out next to the driveway.

In this bed: Left, rhododendron azalea.

Middle, honeysuckle that I have been slashing at for years

Right two, creeping phlox (pink and lavender)

Right background, Blue fescue

And of course no flower bed is complete without a statue of a dog carrying a purse.


LauraHinNJ said...

You grow corn - I'm impressed! We plant some each year, but it never does a thing! How did it taste? I wonder if some critter didn't get to that last ear before you? Seems strange to have just a few kernals on the whole ear - how does that happen?

Hey - want me to send you some red worms to cmpost your kitchen waste with? More pets! ;-)

What is that plant behind the *dog with purse*?

Susan Gets Native said...

We haven't eaten any corn yet...that will be for dinner tomorrow night. And the funny thing is...I hate vegetables!
Why I am trying to grow all this stuff is beyond me.
(well, it's good gardening experience)
How does vermicomposting work? Do a post about yours! *Like I need more animals to look after!*
The plant behind the dog statue is just weeds...Queen Anne's lace, etc.

LauraHinNJ said...

I like Queens Anne's Lace - bugs do too.

I blogged about my worm bin a while back, time for an update, I guess.

P.S. Just an aside - these word verfication things are awful - I swear they get harder the later it gets - some sort of big-brother sobriety test, I think! My eyesight is awful, especially this late at night!

Farmer in the Dell said...

I hope you realize the down-side of your gardening: How many migrant farm workers had to make the trip to Ohio to harvest your corn crop?

Plus, I hope you are planning to rotate your crops.

Which reminds me: Does going 'round a Mulberry Bush count as crop "rotation?"

jemkagily said...

Hi Susan--
I've just started reading your blog, came to you through the Birdchick...I wanted to warn you to be very careful with your cute dog and corn on the cob. Lots of dogs go crazy for corn and will eat it cob and all, with dire consequences. They can get all blocked up internally and corn cobs don't show up on x-ray! Don't let your puppy snitch cobs!

Susan Gets Native said...

jemkagily: No worries...We are going to eat the two ears we have so there will be none left, and I plan on throwing the cobs out in the compost, out of Nellie's reach. But thanks for the concern!