Monday, July 03, 2006

Can't help but be pleased with myself

Why I didn't do this sooner is beyond me. A looooong while back, Geoff ran into an ATM and all but sheared off the mirror on his car. It was hanging on by the wires. I tried many different epoxies and finally settled on duct tape. It's supposed to fix everything, right?

This is the wrecked mirror, with duct tape and epoxy residue. Lovely.

I thought I would have to take off the inside of the door, but it was actually very easy to pull off the old mirror and put in the new one. I got the new one on eBay, and it fits fine...except for the wires that control the direction of the mirror. It didn't fit the interior control, so Geoff will have to adjust it by hand, which isn't a big deal.

I may be a girl, but I CAN fix things.

Now we just have to scrub off all the duct tape and goo.


Juliabohemian said...

I heart Ebay.

MojoMan said...

So...How much did you get from the ATM?

Susan Gets Native said...

Regretably, he got very little.