Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waiting by the phone (and waiting with boiling water and and the vet's number)

Not much going on right now. Geoff took the girls down to the Loveland Bike Trail because I had to stick around the phone. I am awaiting a call about rats and mice.
RAPTOR gets it's feeder rats and mice from somewhere in Michigan, and they need volunteers to come down when the shipment arrives and help bag and freeze them.

Speaking of rats.....
Penny is looking a bit round. She is eating twice as much, drinking twice as much, sleeping twice as much, has groomed the fur away from her nipples, has built a nest in the box I provided, stashing food, and is twice as jumpy as usual.
I wish I just knew for CERTAIN that she is about to deliver 6 to 18 babies. All the signs are there, except for a really round belly. Maybe she is just going to have a small litter.

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Mr. Helpful said...

Have you thought of having Penny become a subcontractor for the company in Michigan. Perhaps you could even by-pass the Michigan rat factory.

I can almost see it now, southern Ohio's newest business:

Rats Direct. We will not be undersold!! Operators are standing by.