Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ten things you may not know about Geoff

After reading that last post, I thought, "I would rather watch paint dry than read this".
Then I got the idea of writing about Geoff. After all, I'm his biggest fan and the luckiest woman in the world because he wants to be with me.
So here are 10 things you may not know about Geoff: (In-laws, close friends...feel free to stop right here)

1. Geoff once went skydiving. He got flustered about leaving a phone message for someone, and to prove to himself that there are scarier things than leaving a message, he jumped out of a plane. Makes sense to me.

2. Geoff was on Love Connection. No lie. And it didn't go well. Enough said.

3. Geoff can't fix things. To be more specific, he is the un-handiest man I have ever met. But as my Dad famously said, "Geoff, your talents lie elsewhere." But he tries.

4. Geoff's parents found out they were expecting while in France. Before he was born, his parents called him Pierre. They came home, and Rita's mom took one look at Rita, visibly pregnant, and exclaimed, "What happened to you?!"

5. Geoff spent 6 years of his childhood in the Middle East. His Dad's company transferred all of them over there...they lived in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

6. Geoff kidnapped me to ask for my hand in marriage. He showed up at my office with my mom, took me to the airport, and we boarded a plane for Williamsburg, VA. And he proposed to me while I was sitting on a gravestone behind the Bruton Parish church.

7. Geoff wrote me a letter before he met me. In 1997, he wrote a letter to the woman he would someday marry, sealed it and mailed it to himself so it would have the date stamped on it. He gave it to me after our rehearsal dinner. Someday, I will post the whole letter here.

8. Geoff can fall asleep in like 10 seconds. I've never seen anything like it. We will be talking, and in a normal pause in the conversation, he will begin to snore.

9. Geoff survived a major earthquake in Los Angeles. In 1996 (I think) he got to experience a big time shake-up. His fish tank exploded and all his fish died. But he found one under his couch a few months later, and upon hearing this, his Grandma said, "Was it still alive?"

10. Geoff is the nicest person you will ever meet. He is basically unflappable, polite, thoughtful, sweet, sensitive, smart, a great father, a great provider, a great husband.

Susan, president of the Geoff Williams Fan Club


LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like a good catch!

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, he is, he is...
Sometimes I just sit in awe at how lucky I am.
I don't get mushy too often, so everyone should enjoy it while it lasts.

MojoMan said...

Sounds like a great guy. Tell him 'thanks a heap' for raising the bar for the rest of us normal husbands.

Regarding #8, does he do that with everyone, or just you? Just kidding!

Parental Unit said...

Ah, and to think that his mother & I raised him. Oh,... wait... No, that's right he raised himself and taught himself everything that he knows.

Well, this is the person who as a teenager (or older?)thought he must have taught himself to read at age three, because he didn't remember the hours of being read to or the flash cards etc.

Of course, there are those rare times when we consider claiming that he must have been raised by wolves.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mojoman: I hadn't even realized that I wrote that making it seem like I am extremely boring. Jeez...maybe I am?

Parental Unit: Of course he was raised by wolves...have you seen our garage lately?

FIL said...

I do not want to be a meddling FIL ....we interrupt this post for an important message: [ I said I did "not want to be," not that I am not]...we now return you to our regularly scheduled post in progress: I feel compelled to point out that Geoff apparently changed your item number 10. I'm sure that your original item 10 was something like Geoff really needs to go to his parent's and clean his room.