Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Miscellaneous Tuesday

I have been trying to eradicate all the lilies that the previous owner of our house planted everywhere. But a few have held on, and I have to admit that they are lovely. Especially the tiger lilies near the fountain at the front door.

Nellie did NOT want a tiger lily behind her ear.

This is a non-sequitur...While driving through Old Montgomery today, I saw this moron in a Hummer. Every time I see a Hummer, I want to slap the person driving it. What are they thinking? As I passed it, I looked to see what kind of person drives a Hummer and it was a little woman who could hardly see over the steering wheel. What in the Hell does ANYONE outside the Army need with a %&*ing HUMMER???

Nellie is such a chicken. See her looking up in the air? The tree swallows were hunting, and "big dumb dog" burgers are on the menu.

Day Five of Project Bluebird Part Deux. 4 eggs. Maybe she's done...now we wait for 12-14 days for them to hatch, and then another 2-3 weeks until they fledge. Anyone have any spare tranquilizers for me?


Beth said...

Hi Susan. I hate Hummers too. Did you know there is a Hummer dealership off of Fields Ertel?

Susan Gets Native said...

Is there? Meet me there in 5 minutes and we can smash their windshields.

LauraHinNJ said...

I was just about to post a pic of the tigerlilies growing next to the dark purple butterfly bush - very pretty contrast - maybe now I won't as you seem bent on their destruction! LOL!

You know, you could probably find a nice *real* waterlily that would like to grow in that fountain.


I so hope your bluebirds are successful this time - they are trying so hard. How are the tree swallows - have they fledged yet?

Susan Gets Native said...

I don't really want to kill ALL lilies...there were just so many around the house, and no room for any thing else.
Could I really get a real water lily to grow in my fountain?

Susan Gets Native said...

And no fledging of swallows yet...

Endment said...

so many thoughts running through my mind :) Hope the hummers stay out your way - Do you know - they are very useful following floods, hurricanes and tornados :)

Any lilies you are pulling can come live in my yard... I have so many spaces that orphan plants are quite welcome:)

Will be watching eagerly for the hatching of the eggs

Susan Gets Native said...

Allow me to amend this post by adding that anyone who reads my blog ANd owns a Hummer is in either of these situations:
1. It was inherited and you will be getting rid of it tomorrow.
2. You had a moment of vehicle madness when you bought it and you will be getting rid of it tomorrow.