Sunday, June 18, 2006

The kind of man I chose to father my children

When I was younger and wilder, I dreamed of having a love child with either Jimmy Page, David Gilmore or Gene Simmons.
I grew up, obviously, but my love for good ol' rock and roll stayed with me. When I married Geoff, I knew he was more into show tunes than going to a rock show.
Me: Cum On Feel the Noise.
Him: Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree.

But it really hit home tonight. Our conversation:
Me: There's a new reality show on VH1 called Super Group. The drummer is Jason Bonham.
Geoff: Who's that?
Me: It's John Bonham's son.
Geoff: WHO?
Me: (Long pause...) You know, the drummer from Led Zepplin.
Geoff: Oh, you mean the guy with one arm?

FYI to all non-rockers...The guy with one arm is the drummer from Def Leppard, Rick Allen.


LauraHinNJ said...

Gene Simmons - are you serious???

My first crush on a *rock star* was Shawn Cassidy - remember him?


Susan Gets Native said...

My very very first crush was Andy Gibb.
But, heck yeah, Gene Simmons!
(My brother is and has always been into since 1976)

LauraHinNJ said...

Andy Gibb. Sooo... I guess you like guys with long hair?


Other than Mel Gibson in BraveHeart, I like the clean-cut type.

I daresay I think you picked a good dad for your kids - Happy Dad's Day to him!

MojoMan said...

Gene Simmons? I regard him as a poster child for what's wrong with the world today. Luckily, we a judged by our actions more than our thoughts and we can forgive you for your fantasies.

Endment said...

This is funny - How well I remember conversations such as these (different topics but similar)
Hope your children's father had a wonderful Fathers' Day
and that you keep on talking :)

The Doctor is in said...


Gene Simmons?!?

As soon as we realized that he was not, in fact, the spokesman for a new line of makeup from Sherwin-Williams, we went into Emergency Mode!!

Just remain calm and take deep, slow breaths. At this very moment we are assembling a team of the world's foremost [or five most]skilled psychoanalysts [or perhaps they are actually psycho analysts]. In any case, help is on the way.

Please stand. Now stretch your arms straight out from your shoulders and begin to slowly spin around as you begin to sing: "The hills are alive with..the ...Sound ..of..Music..."

Soon you are going to feel much better. Trust us, we are feeling better already.

We have already determined that there was no genetic damage that might have affected your children since Isabelle's favorite song (ELO's "Rock and Roll is KIng") is also one of her grandfather's favorites.

Susan, Just keep spinning and singing. Soon we can move on to some of Geoff's other picks.

In a Fog said...

Is that one-armed drummer that has a deaf feline the same guy that caused Dr. Richard Kimble so much trouble??

Susan Gets Native said...

Mojoman: Gene Simmons as the poster child for what's wrong??? Has he committed some heinous crime that I'm not aware of? What I know of Gene Simmons is that he is educated, entertaining, talented, funny and a sexaholic. Any thing wrong with those things?
Endment: Oh, you should HEAR some of our conversations.
In a Fog: It took me a minute to get the "deaf feline" joke. Good one!

Susan Gets Native said...

And anyway, y'all: this post was to illustrate the difference in musical taste in our household, not my taste in hot, long-haired guitarists and bassists. (Well, David Gilmore may not be hot, but hey...)

Rita said...

My first crush was Rick Nelson. I do not consider heavy metal rock n roll. I agree with mojoman. I like the oldies in case anyone is interested.

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, for goodness' sake.
Once and for all, let me stand as representative to my generation and say this:
Rita, Mojoman: Your generation created rock n roll. And the world is grateful. What seems to bug you is that our generation took it in a direction that you couldn't foresee. Or like, for that matter. Fine. Don't listen to our music. Change the station. There's a form of music out there for everyone and anyone. It's listening that is important, not what you are listening to.
And if Alan Freed hadn't used the term "rock n roll" maybe you would have a point as to whether it promotes a "freer" lifestyle or not (or whatever you are trying to say). But let's remember that Rock and Roll was an African-American slang term for SEX.
Okay...I think I'm done. Let's move on to birds or some other safe topic.

The Doctor said...

I once again suggest a deep breath.

Susan Gets Native said...

I agree.

Shannon said...

Rita - Rick Nelson???? What about Frank Sinatra or how about the Fab Four!! That John Lennon is pretty hot!

Geoff Williams said...

Wow, I don't check out Susan's blog for about 24 hours and look what happens. For what it's worth, I'm obviously with the others on the musical tastes. I've never been too big on KISS, though they had one or two songs that I liked, and when I was a kid, I really liked the KISS movie they did (something that took place at an amusement park, but I was eight, and the amusement park thing might explain why I liked the movie... and from what I've read, most fans generally regard the movie as a low point, so my endorsement of the film doesn't mean much). And Laura, I was a big fan of Shaun Cassidy in his "Hardy Boys" days. I even got my mom to buy his record for me--and then I stared at the cover, and I could tell it was geared for girls, even in my pre-puberty stage (again, I was probably about eight), and so I never played it. But I digress. Actually, I'm not even sure what my point was.

rita said...

I love the Beatles especially Paul and always have. Let's talk about various topics so we can see the generation gap.

Susan Gets Native said...

Sometimes it's a gap...sometimes it's a chasm.

LauraHinNJ said...

Gosh! This madness is just further proof of the *troublemaker* in me. Sorry! Hey - but you got lots of comments.


Clueless said...

Didn't Kiss have a song about "Lipstick on Your Collar?" Or was that "Ring Around the Collar?'

Maybe it was "Ring Around the Rosie."

Susan Gets Native said...



Beth said...

Of course, you could be me and have had your musical experience begin with New Kids On the Block. Eesh!

Susan Gets Native said...

Good Lord.