Monday, June 12, 2006

A boy in a river

What's cuter than a kid playing in a river?
Three kids playing in a river.
I got the honor of watching my godson, Jake today and tomorrow. This morning, after Starbucks (of course) we went down to the Miami river to play.
And the kids got too sandy and too wet and had a great time. Tomorrow it's Stonelick Lake and swimming.
What a great kid Jake is...polite, fun, smart, sweet. Shannon's done such a great job.
I asked Jake what he was into.
Jake: I like dragons.
Me: Well, we don't have any dragons, but we have lots of birds.
Jake: Okay.
Isabelle: We do have lots of dragonflies.
Jake: Okay. Cool.


clairesgarden said...

looks like great fun, hope you joined in!

Shannon said...

Dragons, Dragonflies, and Starbucks OH MY!! Jake has a great time today and can't wait untill tomorrow. Thanks again!!

Susan Gets Native said...

NO. Thank YOU> Jake is a doll. Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures.
Love ya!

Susan Gets Native said...

Clairegarden: It's too bad, but I couldn't get into the water. I have an ulcerated wound on my heel and river water would have sent me to the hospital. (See previous posts about my poor foot)
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like company, so please come by again!!!