Friday, June 16, 2006

Bored with baby rat photos yet?

Have you ever twisted in such a way that your rib gets "caught" in a muscle in your torso? Well, that happened to me today. I think that I also have developed "Blogger Elbow". And PT was especially trying today. But in the face of all this oppression, I soldier on...
The fountain outside our front door...a favorite spot for the birds to drink, splash and preen. And the Buddha is a focal point for me when I get stressed.

6 days old and counting! They're so dark...I wouldn't have expected that.

Photo by Isabelle.

Nothing cuter than a little girl holding a little rat.

Tomorrow is another wonderful day filled with RAPTORs.

They want me to start training for educational programs, (I guess my effervescent personality just wowed them) and my first duty is to learn to handle the birds. So, if I can swing it for someone to take photos for me, I will post them.

I am so go out and speak to kids, seniors, whomever, about BIRDS!!!! It will be nice to talk to an audience who actually wants to listen to me...because, frankly, my family and friends are starting to tune me out.


LauraHinNJ said...

Love the fountain - your yard looks very pretty and peaceful!

So neat that you'll be trained to do programs - you must be so excited! I know the feeling of being so charged up about something - and seeing my friend's eyes glaze over because they just don't *get it*. Their loss, right?

The rats are getting cuter.
Do they eat greens and veggies like bunnies - or what?

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks; It's nice to have someone understand about being jazzed about birds.
Yeah, the rats are way cuter than they were in the beginning...they came out looking like toes.
They will nurse for a few more weeks and then eat what Penny does...lab blocks, occasional fruit and veggies, chicken.

Mr. E. Raticator said...

Are my eyes failing or is Isabelle holding a baby moose? And did you say something about birds. Oh, yes, I think it was how the hawks were looking forward to meeting the rats.

Rodney said...

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