Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blue skies, smilin' at me....

Day Three of Project Bluebird Part Deux
The bird gods are still smiling on me. The bluebirds have presented another two eggs.
Non-birders: Take a look at the nest...a tidy, cup-shaped nest with no trash. That means no house sparrows! And the wire on the right side of the box is for the bluebird parents (and later the babies) to climb out of the box. Bluebirds like deep cavities or boxes with the entrance at the top. The cool thing about these boxes is that in the winter, if I can entice them to stay, the bluebirds can use this as a roosting box by me turning the box upside down and reattaching it to the pole. So they can have a nice warm place to snuggle.
My Mom is blessed with a few pairs of bluebirds checking out her nest boxes. Of course, one of the boxes has produced two house sparrow broods. Grrr... Yesterday I checked the box after the graduation party and scared out two large ugly fledglings. Yuck. So I left the box open to discourage any more flagrant house sparrow sex.

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